"Being a marine means you got to kill people sometimes, but only those as deserve it. When bad folks are trying to kill me or my buddies, it ain't no choice. When someone's got a gun pointed at you, well, there's only one thing you can do, right?"

- Devlin explaining his views on his service as a marine.(src)

Devlin was a marine sergeant and recruiter for the Confederate Marine Corps.


Courtesy of killing his family with a butcher knife and molesting young boys, Devlin underwent neural resocialization and was conscripted into the Confederate Marine Corps, serving in the 33rd Ground Assault Division. He served in a variety of locations, but also served as a recruiter for the CMC, such as presenting enlistment opportunities for the graduating year of Styrling Academy in 2478 six years after his conscription.

Like many resocs, Devlin was loyal to the Corps and lacked a deep personality. To him, the reasons behind conflict were irrelevant, playing his role in the Confederate war machine being the only thing of importance.


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