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The devourer

The devourer is a zerg anti-air flyer.


A devourer during the Brood War

Devourers are an evolution of the mutalisk,[1] but have a wasp-like form, and are much larger, slower, but more durable.[2] They retain the mutalisk's signature tail,[2] from which they spit a venom of corrosive acid at aerial targets that can eat through the reinforced armor plating of terran and protoss capital ships.[1] The initial damage these globs inflict is not insignificant, but as spores build up on targets, they will eat through hull plating on the molecular level, making it easier for other attacks to penetrate ship armor.[2] A single spit of venom may splash over multiple targets.[1] The acid spores in the venom may hinder the fighting ability of the target,[3] such as reducing an enemy ship's speed,[2] and will reveal cloaked units.[2] Generally, devourers fly in packs.[4]


The devourer's current morphology

Devourers were specifically designed to counter enemy capital ships as a heavy-duty anti-air flyer.[2] They were in use by the Great War.[5] Devourers continue to be used after the Brood War,[6] and remained in use during the Second Great War.[7] The Terran Dominion studied their remains at the Valhalla installation.[8]

Devourers were a regular sight among the zerg's aerial and stellar forces well into 2511. Under the reign of Overqueen Zagara, devourers were sometimes modified to transport and launch objects other than corrosive acid.[4]

Game Unit[]


For StarCraft gameplay information see: Devourer (StarCraft).

StarCraft II[]

For StarCraft II gameplay information see: Devourer (StarCraft II).


During development of the StarCraft beta, the mutalisk possessed an "acid spray" attack similar to the devourer's "corrosive acid" attack. This was later replaced by a glaive wurm attack transferred from the queen. The mutalisk's initial acid spray attack may have been recycled in development of the devourer's corrosive acid attack.


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