DiViNe is an artificial intelligence celebrity and holovid creator in the Terran Dominion. Some years after the End War, DiViNe created a holovid described by Kate Lockwell as "saucy" and that dazzled fans and critics alike, and she offered a sneak peek of the holovid after her broadcast. After Kyla Velassi failed to meet sales expectations with her new film, Kate Lockwell speculated whether she was still relevant while DiViNe was doing so well.

DiViNe was chosen to be the host of the 135th Holovid Awards. During these awards Kyla Velassi made a rant UNN described as technophobic, targeted at DiViNe.[1]

After the end of the Defenders of Man Insurgency, pre-orders on DiViNe's new album hit record levels.[2]


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