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The following section contains information from the Diablo series and is not canon.

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Diablo is a game universe created by Blizzard Entertainment's discontinued subsidiary Blizzard North. Unlike StarCraft and the original Warcraft games, Diablo is an action RPG and hack'n'slash series. The Diablo series consists of Diablo and its expansion pack Hellfire, Diablo II and its expansion pack Lord of Destruction, and Diablo III, released in 2012. Blizzard's service premiered with the game Diablo, and the second game to support was StarCraft.

References to StarCraft[]

The Secret Cow Level[]

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One of the more well known aspects of the original Diablo game was something that didn't actually exist. Rumors started of a "cow level" with varying instructions or ideas on how to enter such a place and what existed in this level. Despite Blizzard's claims to the contrary, such rumors persisted, individuals even creating fake screenshots. The issue was finally laid to rest in StarCraft, where the cheat for instant victory is to type in "there is no cow level".

Ironically enough, due to popular demand from fans, The Secret Cow Level actually was created for Diablo II, although this was after StarCraft came out, so at the time StarCraft came out, there was no cow level.

StarCraft References in Diablo[]

  • Bone wings styled after Sarah Kerrigan available to those who purchase the StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm collector's or digital deluxe editions, as is a hydralisk sigil and Zerg Swarm accent for the banner. In Diablo III, the achievement for owning the special edition is named "Queen of the Damned," a reference to Kerrigan's title of "Queen of Blades."
  • A probe pet and Artanis-themed transmog set are available through the digital deluxe or collector's edition of Legacy of the Void. In Diablo III, the achievement for owning the special edition is named "Into the Void."[1]
  • Hydralisk and ultralisk skulls can be found in the background of Diablo III acts.
  • As part of a cross promotion with Heroes of the Storm, players who completed the "Malthael's Bargain" event received Queen of Ghosts Kerrigan wings in Diablo III. The achievement gained for it is named "Ghost Reporting," a reference to the ghost unit quote.[2]
  • A Tal'darim probe pet is available in Diablo III for those who purchase the BlizzCon 2017 War Chest.
  • A battlecruiser pet named Dominion's Revenge is available in Diablo III for those who logged in during the StarCraft 20th anniversary celebrations, as is a Feat of Strength achievement.

Diablo References in StarCraft[]

  • The observer, if clicked on enough times, will state "I sense a soul in search of answers." This is a line taken from the Diablo character Adria. The Arbiter will react similarly, albeit "We sense..."
  • Another quote from the Observer is "That sounds like a... a HUGE, GARGANTUAN, SWOLLEN, BLOATED MUSHROOM!" This is taken from the Diablo character Griswold's comments during the Black Mushroom quest.
  • The planet Abaddon, one of the worlds of StarCraft: Ghost, has the same name as the zone Abaddon found in Act V of Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. Similarly, the setting of the Diablo series is a world named Sanctuary. A region of Shakuras in StarCraft is named likewise.
  • A multiplayer map for StarCraft is named "Diablo" and patterned after the Satanic pentagram motif commonly used in Diablo games.
  • In reference to the series is the Cineplex 5000 film Diablo-The Musical.
  • In the StarCraft: Brood War mission "Patriot's Blood," the access code for the security cameras is "Farnham," the name of a townsman from Diablo.

Diablo worker portrait from the 20th anniversary event.




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