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Diplomacy is a genre of custom StarCraft and StarCraft II multiplayer maps. Maps are based on real world geography; each map may portray a different area, like Europe or Oceania. The objective is to dominate the map through force and cooperation with other players, usually by way of securing "cities" for resources.


Maps may support up to seven players, each choosing an initial "state" and its starting location. The eighth player is computer controlled representing neutral, and conquerable, territories. Players may form teams after the game starts. The game ends when one player or team conquers the majority of the cities or totally eliminates the opposition.


Cities are typically represented by "doodads" or beacons at their real world locations. Surrounding defenses must be overcome before a city may be captured. Building a structure next to a city captures it. The game is divided time segments, or "turns", with income being received after each turn. The amount of income is dependent on the number of cities owned. "Capitals" are cities which produce more income. The mechanics of income may vary depending on map.

The income generated by a starting state mostly depends on game balance. States with greater advantages tend to start with less money. Factors include terrain, starting defenses its "special" unit, and ease of expansion opportunities.

Special Units Edit

Each state has a "special" unit that only it can build. A state's special unit may be built by capturing its capital. A special unit is typically an enhanced version of a "normal" unit. Some may be built in pairs.


Diplomacy games may have very large numbers of active units, leading to lag. This is particularly noticeable in versions without limits on unit quantity.

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