Disruptor SC2-LotV DevRend1

The disruptor's initial in-game appearance

Legacy of the Void beta testing showed that disruptors were surviving longer than they should when caught offguard. It was made an armored unit to provide opponents an extra means of countering the unit (through units that do bonus damage against armored units).[1]

Beta feedback has shown that the disruptor has often conformed to an "all or nothing" approach, that it is very effective when it works, but almost always destroyed if it does not take out enough enemy units. The following changes are expected to be made:

  • A reduction of the blast radius.
  • Lower cost.
  • Faster activation speed.
  • Less delay before firing.[2]

The disruptor's aesthetics changed during development.[3]

Removed AbilitiesEdit

Disruptor SC2-LotV DevGame1

The purification nova (pre-discharge)

During development, the disruptor would enter an invulnerable state, and then explode to damage nearby enemies. The disruptor had increased movement speed during its invulnerable state[4] This ability damaged ground units only.[3]


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