Dium Flecc is a rigging tech that lives in Quijadas on Choss. He once served in the military, and took a Torrent SR-8 shotgun as a keepsake for his service.



Dium Flecc served one tour of duty in the military doing airborne jump drills. While he never encountered a xeno during his tour of duty, he was well briefed on how they operated and the wounds they would leave. After his service he took a SR-8 Torrent, which he would use to hunt range boars.


After his service, Flecc returned to Choss and worked as a glider rigging tech for North-Rim Rentals under Dolly Juarez . One day one of their regular clients, Alden Moss, was found dead. Juarez was too distraught to go to the body, so Flecc guided the local marshal Rin Shearon to the body. They found it mangled, and speculated if he had been caught in a draft and run into the wall. But Flecc pointed out that the body was drained of all blood, and that only a xeno could accomplish something like that. The two left to try to convince Mayor Haskins that there was zerg out on Choss.

After a few more deaths at the hands of mutalisk attacks, Flecc encountered one of the creatures himself. He used his Torrent to shoot it, but did not account for the creature's acidic blood, and ate through most of his arm. The doctor gave him an anesthetic, and Mayor Haskins was finally forced to acknowledge the zerg problem and contact Strong, the town's contact with the Terran Dominion.[1]


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