"Arf arf!"

- A dog on Mar Sara(src)

Dog SC2 Rend1

A dog

Dogs are semi-carnivorous mammals that were selectively bred by humans on Earth from their wolf ancestors, and were later transported to the Koprulu Sector by terrans in the 23rd century.

Dogs are common enough in the Sector for "standard" watchdogs to exist.[1] A zerg queen created a strain of infested dogs known as roverlisks during the Battle of Bhekar Ro, from the watchdog Old Blue. However, all the roverlisks were ultimately absorbed by an energy creature.[2]

A species of creatures named the shale dog were rumored to be mutated dogs from the nuclear bombardment of Korhal.[3]

Game UnitEdit

Dog SC2 Game1

A dog in Wings of Liberty

Dogs are found on some terran planets in StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, such as Mar Sara. They cannot be selected.[4]

Known BreedsEdit

Known DogsEdit


Dogs can be found in other Blizzard games, such as the Warcraft series.


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