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This article or section contains information derived from Co-op Missions, and should not be considered part of the official StarCraft storyline.

"A weapon more ravenous than any terran army. "

The Dogs of War are a group of enthralled zerg created by the Cerberus Program for use by the Terran Dominion.[1]


During the rule of Arcturus Mengsk, the most talented scientists of the Cerberus Program were tasked with researching ways to utilize zerg against the enemies of the Terran Dominion. They targeted the isolated Maguro Brood, and took specimens starting with their zerglings.

In order to research the behavior of mutalisks, the program created large aviaries to house them, though disappearances of the staff at these facilities were common. Dr. Rudolfo Subsourian worked to ensure control of the hydralisks and ultralisks were secure, though often at the cost of interns.

In the alternate timeline where Arcturus Mengsk survives the Second Great War, Mengsk deployed these enthralled zerg against the armies of Amon.[1]

Game Effect[]

The Dogs of War are a calldown for Arcturus Mengsk in Co-op Missions. Initially the ability costs 25 Imperial Mandate, but it increases the amount and variety of breeds in the calldown every 25 energy. The Dogs of War are uncontrollable and will rush toward enemy targets on the map, even those not revealed in the fog of war.

The weapons and armor of the Dogs of War are increased by the Dominion weapon and armor upgrades. Terrible Damage Mastery points will increase the damage of the Dogs of War.[1]

DogsofWar CA Icon.gif
Dogs of War

Deploys 30 enthralled Zerglings at the target location that last for 60 seconds. Enthralled zerg will seek out and attack the nearest enemy.

Deploys additional enthralled zerg based on Imperial Mandate.

Hotkey Ctrl+C
Cost Tier 1: 25 Energy
Tier 2: 50 Energy
Tier 3: 75 Energy
Tier 4: 100 Energy
Duration 60 seconds
Cooldown 180 seconds

Mastery: +1% damage by enthralled zerg units per Terrible Damage mastery point. Up to a maximum +30%

Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Initially available.

Known Dogs of War Breeds[]


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