"Just don't do what a stranger says, check it out with Imperial Command."

The Dominion High Command is the ultimate leadership of the Dominion Armed Forces.

Prior to the Second Great War, elements of the High Command were present at Mar Sara, overseeing the activities of the Dominion military stationed there, along with those of the Kel-Morian Combine.[1]

In 2505, Dominion High Command made the transition from the regime of Arcturus Mengsk to that of Valerian Mengsk. As part of the change among the armed forces, they aided in the creation of a new handbook for the Dominion Marine Corps, the Dominion Marine Corps Combat Handbook: Infantry Edition. Within, High Command commissioned a new assessment tool for frontline soldiers, a self-evaluation based on measurable and quantifiable criteria. This assessment was taken less than seriously by the marines it was given to.[2]


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