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"Intelligence was something of a misnomer."

- Nova(src)

Dominion Intelligence Section (DIS)[1] is the intelligence gathering branch of the Dominion Armed Forces. Its name is sometimes shortened to Intelligence Section or simply IS.[2]

One of its divisions was Project Gestalt.[3]

Prior to the Second Great War, DIS identified scientists that would become part of Project Blackstone.[4]

By 2505, DIS had conducted a psyops assessment of the Dominion military. It concluded that no single unit induces more anxiety disorders in military personnel than ghosts. They also carried out mass surveillance of protoss inner workings, discovering the strife of the reunification efforts of the Daelaam, the ascension of Artanis to Hierarch, and a new battlefield units such as the adept. DIS undertook a massive undertaking in a covert operation to discover the weaponry, design and technology of the Spear of Adun a year before its reactivation in the End War. Though it cost many lives, it was seen as a remarkable victory.

During that year, DIS published the data they had gained on terran, zerg and protoss physiology, weapons and technology in the Dominion Marine Corps Combat Handbook: Infantry Edition, the standard field manual for members of the Dominion Marine Corps.[1]

As the Defenders of Man Insurgency began to unfold, Dominion Intelligence Section was found to encode orders into messages from nonexistent departments of government and Dominion Marine Corps regiments. One such transmission was from the non-existent Central Accounts and Processing Department, which had a message encoded "Scout Location."[5] Another message was from the fictionalized 502nd Regiment involving a supply drop,[6] which had a messaged encoded that stated "Acquire Intel."[7] It was later discovered that the Dominion Intelligence Section had agents in a Defenders of Man base, but the agents had been killed by the missing ghost Agent Nova Terra.[8]

Known Members[]


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