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"Today, Dominion marines are more than just inspired, fearless soldiers. We are also well-prepared soldiers. We know our enemies intimately. We study their tactics and technology. We exploit the weaknesses of their biology and psychology. In short, we are educated soldiers."

- Lieutenant General William Warchovsky(src)

The Dominion Marine Corps[1] is a branch of the armed forces of the Terran Dominion, and the fundamental part of any deployment.[2]


"Rise to new heights in the Dominion Marine Corps! Enlist now!"

- DMC recruitment slogan(src)

Akin to the Squadrons of the Terran Confederacy, the DMC appears to function somewhat independently from the space-based Dominion Armada, its officers having control over their own ships.[1] Its logo is referred to as the "Golden Eagle,"[3] and the bald eagle has also been used in DMC heraldry.[1] The headquarters of the DMC is in Augustgrad on Korhal.[4]

Like the Confederate Marine Corps before it, the Dominion Marine Corps is a mix of volunteers, criminal conscripts, and those who have undergone neural resocialization. Those who are criminals are given no R&R time.[5] Prior to the Second Great War, the combat life expectancy of Dominion marines could be measured in seconds.[6]

The dominant color scheme of the Marine Corps is red, but during the reign of Emperor Valerian Mengsk many marines also utilized blue armor.[4]

Recruits and conscripts considered too scrawny or weak for the Dominion Marine Corps are given steroid and stimulant treatments in order to increase their muscle mass.[5]

Officer postings in the DMC, particularity those on Korhal, often lead political positions in the Dominion government.[4]


"Nothing in this galaxy can stand up to the full firepower of the Dominion Marine Corps."

- Colonel Jackson Hauler(src)

Dominion Marine Corps heraldry

The Dominion Marine Corps absorbed elements of the Confederate Marine Corps during the transition from the Confederacy to the Dominion.[7] Compared to its predecessor, the Dominion force has a lower percentage of neurally resocialized individuals.[8]

The Corps saw action during the Brood War. In the opening phase it and the rest of the armed forces were unable to check the advance of the United Earth Directorate fleet. With the aid of Raynor's Raiders, Fenix's protoss forces and Sarah Kerrigan's zerg the Corps would return to liberate Korhal, only to fall victim to Kerrigan's betrayal.[9] The Corps was reinforced by "a collection of special interest groups" for a final push against the zerg at Char. The operation was unsuccessful and marked the end of the war.[10]

Lock and load

After the Brood War, the corps carried out tasks ranging from delivering supplies to patrolling colonies for potential enemies. A DMC force was responsible for the depopulation of Candore Colony, which had been harboring a group of insurgents.[1] It also engaged the protoss and zerg on Artika.[11]

Elements of the Dominion Marine Corps are also present at Mar Sara, acting as security for the Kel-Morian Combine mining camps as well as fighting the zerg who invaded the planet at the same time.[12]

By 2503,[13] the Corps had once again become a viable force, performing services throughout the Dominion.[14] This included countering the insurgency of Project Shadowblade.[15]

Dominion marines in action on Char

In 2504, with the onset of the Second Great War, the marines helped hold the line against the zerg.[16] A mass recall of retired soldiers back into active duty began, with many taking steps to dodge the recall.[5] Eventually, alongside the Dominion Fleet, the Corps partook in an invasion of Char. Despite taking heavy casualties,[17][18] the Dominion emerged victorious in the end.[19] However, Kerrigan survived, and after a brief civil war between loyalists to Valerian Mengsk and Arcturus Mengsk[20] the Dominion Marine Corps raided Umoja, capturing Jim Raynor.[21] Kerrigan returned with the Zerg Swarm, repelling the Dominion Marine Corps from Char,[22] rescuing Jim Raynor from the prison ship Moros,[23] and destroying the Dominion's hybrid operations at Skygeirr.[24] The best of the Dominion Marine Corps defended Korhal as the zerg invaded, but they were defeated, and Arcturus Mengsk was killed. In his place, his son, Valerian Mengsk, took over the Dominion.[25]

Dominion marines in the ruins of Augustgrad

In 2506, the End War began. While some marines fell to the control of hybrids and joined Moebius Corps,[26] others came to its defense when the forces of Amon sought to destroy the Dominion. They participated in the defense of Korhal, and were aided by the Daelaam protoss. Together, the two forces pushed Moebius Corps and their hybrid masters out of Bennet Port, and retrieved the Keystone from them.[27] However, the cost was high, as the Korhal capital of Augustgrad was in ruins and many marines lay dead in the aftermath.[28] The Dominion Marine Corps then took up defense against the corrupted Golden Armada, but were pushed back.[29]

The Dominion Marine Corps aided Commander Jim Raynor in his expedition into the Void to defeat Amon. They helped slay Narud,[30] and defended Sarah Kerrigan as she ascended into a xel'naga.[31] Finally, they helped destroy the void crystals protecting Amon, allowing Kerrigan to deal the final blow against the dark god.[32]

Years later, the Dominion Marine Corps affirmed their support of the new regime under Valerian Mengsk,[33] who publicly instituted new reforms for the organization such as the abolishment of the neural resocialization program.[34]

In 2511, elements of the Dominion Marine Corps's 934th Marines saw action during the One-Day War, where they accompanied Valerian Mengsk to a diplomatic meeting on the planet Gystt. When a new zerg breed named the chitha attacked the Dominion's survey teams, the marines engaged them alongside Daelaam forces, and were able to prevent the outbreak of war among the three factions.[35]

Rules and Regulations[]

A DMC dropship pilot

Under the rule of Emperor Valerian Mengsk, a set of guidelines for the Dominion Marine Corps was established in order to maintain high standards of conduct and readiness:

  • I am a marine. I am a Dominion citizen-soldier fighting to guard my civilization and way of life. I am prepared to give my life in their defense.
  • I did not "join" the marines. I became a marine.
  • Once a marine, always a marine. There is no such thing as an "ex-marine"...unless I soil the honor of the Corps.
  • I will never surrender to the enemy on my own free will.
  • If captured, I will not lose faith in the Dominion. I will give my captor my name, rank, and serial number. I will provide no other information.
  • I will never surrender to the zerg. They will eat me regardless. I will inflict as much damage as possible until eaten.
  • If I am captured by the protoss, I will resist psionic probing of my thoughts until my neural networks disintegrate.
  • Legitimacy and credibility are critically important assets to the new Dominion rules of engagement. I will be fair and decent. I will show respect for local customs, institutions, and laws whenever possible.
  • I will obey Emperor Mengsk's new rules of engagement. I will not kill non-Dominion creatures on sight any longer. I support Emperor Mengsk's desire to develop (and keep) allies among the different races of the Koprulu sector.
  • I am a peacekeeper. I will use force to improve the security situation and create an environment conductive to longer-term peacebuilding on planets where we are deployed.
  • I will take all steps to avoid slaughtering civilians. I understand that collateral damage is often inevitable, but is never acceptable. I understand that mass civilian casualties can often lead to public perception problems.
  • I will represent my people and my marines at all times. I will never embarrass the Corps by my actions.
  • I understand stimpack abuse is strictly against regulations.
  • I vow to keep my personal armor in presentable condition, even during combat operations.
  • Under no circumstance will I smoke cigars while in personal armor.[34]

Known Units[]

"We are the most respected and revered fighting force in the Koprulu Sector. It is your responsibility to keep it that way."
"We ain't even the most respected fighting force in the Dominion."

- The DMC handbook and a marine's response(src)

Dominion marines in battle

Known Members[]

"Each and every one of these young men and women volunteered. And after months of sacrifice and toil in training, they have earned their place among the noble Dominion Marines. They have joined humanity's vanguard. They have chosen to stand against an unforgiving universe."

- Emperor Arcturus Mengsk(src)

DMC recruitment poster

Commissioned Officers

Non-Commissioned Officers


Recruit symbol



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