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"The definitive guide for the Dominion marine"

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The field manual

The Dominion Marine Corps Combat Handbook: Infantry Edition (Also known as the Dominion Fleet Marine Force Manual (DFMFM) 1-5, "Marine Technical Field Manual") is a piece of writing that pertains to the Dominion Marine Corps. It is a classified document, and is not to be redistributed. It contained information on the arsenals of the terran, protoss and zerg forces of the sector, as well as a rundown of the geopolitical situation of the Koprulu sector and tips on how to survive on the battlefield. A publication of the manual was distributed after the ascension of Emperor Valerian Mengsk to the throne of the Terran Dominion.

It was overseen by Commandant William Warchovsky and the DMC Combat Development Command, with information supplied from Dominion Intelligence Section interrogation and field reports, army laboratory research and analytic, eyewitness accounts and other media sources.[1]


The handbook is an in-universe representation of the StarCraft Field Manual.


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