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Doran Routhe was a human scientist on Earth during the rule of the United Powers League. Routhe was obsessed with creating colonies on other planets outside of the solar system, hoping to find new mineral deposits and other kinds of resources on such planets, as well as elevating his own power in the UPL.

As a result of his plans, Routhe was the one directly responsible for terrans arriving to the Koprulu Sector.[1]


As Project Purification – the UPL's plan to purify the human race by killing vast numbers of dissidents, hackers, synthetics, the cybernetically enhanced, tech-pirates, and criminals of every kind – operated, largely hidden from the media, Routhe made plans on increasing his own power within the UPL.

He had not taken part in Project Purification, but found it convenient for procuring 56,000 prisoners through his political connections and personal fortune to create a colonizing force. The prisoners were put into cold sleep. A new artificial intelligence, ATLAS, for Artificial Tele-empathic Logistics Analysis System, studied the prisoners and selected 40,000 as capable of surviving the journey and planetary colonization.[1]

By 2231, Routhe secretly built four huge carriers, the Nagglfar, Sarengo, Reagan and Argo, with experimental warp engines, and loaded the prisoners aboard. The ATLAS was installed on Nagglfar and the navigational computer was programmed to travel one year through warp space to the star system Gantris VI. The ships were also loaded with enough supplies, rations, and hardware to help the colonists once they awoke.[1] These supplies included fertilized eggs, embryos and cloning technology.[2]

During the journey, ATLAS cataloged the various mutations in the gene pool, and discovered that some of the genes the prisoners carried would augment the latent psionic potential of the human brain. ATLAS sent this information back to Doran Routhe's databanks on Earth. Unfortunately for Routhe, the navigational computer somehow became disconnected from ATLAS.[1]

The ships barreled blindly through warp space for years, ending up very far away from their destination[1] by 2259.[3]


The failure of the colonization project ruined Routhe's reputation. Encouraged by his enemies, the media portrayed him as a classic mad scientist and hounded him off Earth. Attempts to hide in the Centauri colonies failed when he was identified there as well. Finally, Routhe was forced to flee to the Tau Ceti comet farms where he died in obscurity. He was rumored to have been working on a new secret project.[4]


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