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"I have returned!"

- Dragoon(src)

Dragoons appear in the Legacy of the Void campaign, representing the Aiur faction in the "ranged attacker" role.

Game Unit

Legacy of the Void

Compared to stalkers and adepts, the other two options for ranged attackers, dragoons have higher stats, with a stronger attack, longer range, and more HP. However, they lack the support abilities of the stalker and adept, have slower movement speed, and have a larger collision size that can hamper them in tight quarters. Their slow projectile speed and wind-up also means they have a tendency to overkill enemies, wasting shots.

They are very useful against terrans when it comes to destroying bunkers because some missions are filled with reapers/marines which cannot reach dragoons unless it is loaded with marauders or spectres in the Sky shield mission.

Co-op Missions

Dragoons are playable in Co-op Missions if the player selects Artanis.[2] Once Artanis reaches level 4, dragoons can be upgraded at the twilight council.


SingularityCharge SC2-LotV Icon1
Singularity Charge

Increases dragoon attack range by 2.

Purchased from Twilight council
Cost 100 Minerals Terran SC1 100 ProtossVespene SC2 Game1 60Time SC2 Game1
CompressionMesh SC2-LotV Icon1
Trillic Compression Systems

Increase the dragoon's maximum HP by 20. Allows for shield regeneration in combat and increases shield regeneration rate of 2 to 4.

Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Reach Artanis Level 4
Purchased from Twilight council
Cost 150 Minerals Terran SC1 150 ProtossVespene SC2 Game1 90Time SC2 Game1


Dragoon SC2 DevGame1

Wireframe from early versions of StarCraft II

Dragoons were originally in the StarCraft II game engine, but were eventually removed.[3] While the dragoon had served as a backbone unit for the protoss in the original game, David Kim felt that the dragoon was too widely used. In his own words, "it was too good at too many things." For StarCraft II, the developers wanted to add precision "micro mechanics" to protoss gameplay. However, the dragoon didn't fit this style, as it was "a sort of all-purpose menace that just walked up and fired at enemies."[4] Their role in the protoss tech tree was filled in standard multiplayer games by stalkers, while lore-wise the immortals are upgraded dragoons.[5] The stalker was originally concieved as a sort of "dark dragoon."[4]

Dragoons were intended to be in the map editor[6] but were not included in the release of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty.[7]


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