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The Dylar Ruins are the remains of an ancient protoss mining settlement on Dylar IV. The settlement was abandoned and despite the resilience of protoss architecture, gradually began to fall into decay.

Millennia later, an Alliance force came across the ruins, investigating their nature and determining them to be of protoss origin. As such, the ruins were handed over to the protoss for study.



The Forum was located in the colony's eastern section. It consisted of a dais in the center surrounded by seats in the style of a stadium.

Main StorehouseEdit

The Main Storehouse was located in the city's center and, in the shape of a pyramid, was the settlement's largest building. It contained a cache of information relevant to the settlement's history.

Room of ColorsEdit

The Room of Colors was located in the settlement's northwest. It contained a color based puzzle to construct a key which would open the storehouse.


Three statues, each five meters tall, were built at the southern part of the settlement. One was made for each of the protoss castes (Judicator, Templar and Khalai), though by the time the Alliance found them, only the statue of the Templar remained. Ancient protoss writing was on each of them, along with a plaque with finger holes. If a protoss placed his/her fingers inside, (s)he would be granted an image of the colony when it was operational.


A temple was constructed in the colony's western area. It seemed to be dedicated to some kind of alien deity, holding a 'cup' in its hands. In reality, the 'cup' was part of a three part key to open the settlement's storehouse.


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