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The following article or section contains lore from the StarCraft RPG, which is not regarded as canon. Elements may be regarded as 'flavor lore' however.

Dylar Station was a space station which orbited Dylar IV. It served as a refueling depot and a listening post for the Koprulu Sector. At some point after the Brood War however, a zerg force attacked and overran the station along with three other orbital stations. The station's crew were killed and/or infested and while the station itself took some damage, most noticeable was the engulfment of the station by creep.

An Alliance team was sent to the station, overcoming the zerg opposition as they made their way to plant a cold-fusion nuke. In this they succeeded, Dylar Station and the zerg aboard being destroyed.


Briefing RoomEdit

A conference room for station personnel.

Commander's QuartersEdit

Living quarters for the station's commanding officer. Infested by the zerg.

Communications RoomEdit

The Communications Room served as the main communications network for the station and the hub for the station's monitoring of the space around Dylar IV. Despite the zerg attack, the systems remained generally intact, courtesy of the zerg wishing to have access to the commander's logs.

Docking BayEdit

The Docking Bay was located on the station's lower level. An elevator led to the upper, main level.

Guard StationEdit

The entry point for those coming up from the docking bay elevator.


Food preparation area for the mess hall.

Main BridgeEdit

The Main Bridge was damaged heavily, its equipment destroyed and its viewpoint beyond repair. The zerg intended to use this area to serve the same function as a hydralisk den.

Mess HallEdit

The zerg intended to use the mess hall as a larva spawning area.

Personnel RoomEdit

Living quarters for the station's personnel. Heavily infested.


Damaged by the zerg, hence going into meltdown with the setting of the charge.

Recreation AreaEdit

Stripped bare by the zerg.

Sick BayEdit

Used to treat ill and/or wounded staff.

Supply Storage AlphaEdit

Used for the storage of ammunition and medical supplies.

Supply Storage BetaEdit

Used by the zerg to incubate their eggs.


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