Eddie Rimes was a member of Raynor's Raiders in the SceeVee Special Engineering Corps.

Rimes worked as a transport captain on one of the Tyrador planets before being approached by Bill "Pearly" Bousquette on a position in his SceeVee Corps. During an operation on Gurdlac, the SceeVees hit a zerg tripwire and were ambushed by zerglings. They were forced to retreat into a canyon to the northwest, and regrouped to plan a way to retake their site. Rimes expressed shock the zerg could plan such an elaborate trap. When Pearly began to explain his plan to set a trap for the zerg in the canyons, Rimes remembered that Pearly was from Choss, a planet made of cliffs, and as such had plenty of experience in cliffside construction.

The SceeVees were able to set up a trap for the zerg in the canyon, killing the swarm of zerglings and reclaiming their base.


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