Edward "Cadaver" Baines was a minion of crime lord Scutter O'Banon of Deadman's Port, Dead Man's Rock c. 2494. He earned the nickname by being extremely thin.[1]


In 2494, Scutter O'Banon wanted to hire Tychus Findlay and Jim Raynor, a pair of well-known bandits then based on New Sydney. He dispatched Baines to make contact with Findlay.

Baines woke Findlay and his multiple ladies up. He casually insulted the ladies during the job offer. Findlay was happy about the idea, but when he brought this up with Raynor was rebuffed. Raynor didn't approve of O'Banon.

Some time later, the duo had nearly been arrested by New Sydney police, and were being pursued by sadistic bounty hunter Ezekiel Daun. Left with little choice, they agreed to work for O'Banon. They sold a stolen ship to criminals from Paradise, Dead Man's Rock, but the buyers tried to ambush them and get that money back. Instead, they were ambushed by a team lead by Baines. "Cadaver" asked what should be done with the now-helpless ambushers. Raynor insisted they be allowed to live, so Baines let them go with a warning, but without their valuables. Baine then escorted the duo to O'Banon's complex. The duo expected to be protected from Daun, which swung the balance of their arrangement in O'Banon's favor.

Raynor was unhappy with the arrangement, and also wanted to contact his old friend Myles Hammond from his home planet of Shiloh. He got in touch with an information courier who could send encrypted messages. However, O'Banon found out about this and was unhappy. Baines was sent to make his ill will clear. Baines harassed Raynor about this.

Raynor and Findlay met up to discuss O'Banon's newest job offer. Findlay had been informed about O'Banon's anger. During the discussion Baines and several of his men tried to rough the duo up. Findlay personally defeated most of the attackers, then told Baines off for the brawl.

The duo were sent to collect the designer of the drug Utopia and samples from Halcyon. They failed the mission. They had to give their data to Baines.

O'Banon sent the duo to conduct another robbery on Bacchus Moon. Before leaving, they arranged for an exotic dancer, "Kyttyn", to give Baines a profane performance.[1]


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