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"Y'know, you always were an arsehole Eddie."

- Zebidiah Terra describing Peters moments before being shot(src)

Edward Peters was the "jig" (male lover) to Bella Terra, who belonged to the Old Families. He was considered a "cold fish" and didn't really get along with her, to the point she was seeking other household employees for her needs. He frequently pleaded exhaustion when she wanted "comfort". November Terra, Bella's daughter, saw Edward Peters as a second father; her empathic abilities weren't able to "read" him.

Peters was tall, skinny and had curly black hair and a black beard, flecked with gray.


The Terra family hoverbike plant was attacked by the Sons of Korhal late in 2499, prompting Constantino Terra to follow through with a plan his Old Family friend Arturro Calabas had hatched before – send young members of the Old Families to a resort on Tyrador IX so they would be safe from terrorists and possible alien attacks. Constantino Terra wanted to send his daughter November "Nova" Terra to this resort, but she didn't want to go, and Peters supported her in this, much to her surprise.

Edward Peters hated working under Bella Terra and indeed came to hate the Old Families. He was suborned into working for Cliff Nadaner's rebel group as the commander of the troops who attacked the Terra family; he had wanted Nova to remain so she would be killed as well. He and a number of other rebels killed Constantino Terra, Bella and Zeb Terra, Eleftheria, and other members of the household. Peters was frightened of committing murder so he ordered rebel Gustavo McBain to do most of the shootings; however, he personally tried to kill November when she burst into the crime scene. November's psychic outburst killed him and the rest of his team, not to mention many other people.


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