Egg Madness is a Blizzard Entertainment Map of the Month, a series of free maps released by Blizzard for StarCraft.


Terran researchers working for the Kel-Morian Combine were researching the ancient terran holiday "Easter" by studying damaged computer data recovered from the wreck of the Sarengo supercarrier. Their findings led them to conclude the holiday was celebrated by a giant anthropomorphic badger wandering between "sealed domes" gifting yellow and pink SynthEggs to the people, the eggs crafted into bird and rabbit shapes. The day then culminated with a giant chrysalis hunt that was accompanied by a slaughter between warring factions.

This map is intended to be a recreation of these ancient festivities.


The map is designed for three to six players. When the player brings their drone to a beacon, units will automatically be produced depending on which of the three available beacons the player brings the drone to: their options are to produce zerglings, firebats, or goliaths. Each player must use their units to kill enemy units to earn points, with the first playing to earn 60,000 points winning.

Power ups regularly spawn in the arena that the player can pick up with their drone and bring back to their base. Psi emitters activates a nuclear strike on the center of the arena, khaydarin crystals enable invincibility for all units for a time, and a chrysalis gives the player a hero unit, with repeated pick-ups of a chrysalis rewarding stronger units.


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