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"I’ve been called a freedom fighter. A whistle blower. A fugitive. Some have even labeled me a hero. But they’re wrong. Because I’m a GENIUS too! A hero genius! A henius!"

Egon Stetmann is a commander for Co-op Missions, who commands the Mecha Swarm against his enemies. He commands legions of robotic zerg with special abilities, supported by his best friend Gary.

Stetmann can spread stetellites across the map, which create power fields that can empower both Stetmann’s forces and his ally’s. These fields create “stetzones” that can recharge energy, heal, or grant a speed boost. Gary can overcharge these stetellites to grant a larger bonus to the Mecha Swarm. Gary serves as a hero support unit, able to bring combat and supporting abilities to Stetmann’s forces, but is not as powerful as other commander heroes as an individual unit.[1]



  • Recommended for experienced players
  • Deploy Stetellites across the map to expand your influence.
  • Control Stetmann's Mecha Zerg, which are augmented with Terran and Protoss inspired enhancements.


Power Set 1
Upgrade Resource Cost: -2% – -60%
  • (Only affected on attack and armor upgrades)
Gary Ability Cooldown: +1% – +30%
Power Set 2
Stetzone Bonuses: +2% – +60%
Maximum Egonergy Pool: +2% – 60%
Power Set 3
Deploy Stetellite Cooldown: -0.16 sec – -5 sec
Structure Morph Rate: -2% – -60%

Calldown AbilitiesEdit

Stetellite Coop Game1
Deploy Stetellite

Deploys a Stetellite at the target location. Stetellites must be placed within a Stetzone.

Hotkey CTRL+X
Cooldown 25 per charge (can store 3 charges) (Stetellite Production Level 1)Time SC2 Game1
20 per charge (can store 5 charges) (Stetellite Production Level 2)Time SC2 Game1
15 per charge (can store 7 charges) (Stetellite Production Level 3)Time SC2 Game1
Mastery: -0.16Time SC2 Game1 per Deploy Stetellite Cooldown mastery point. Down to a minimum 20->15->10Time SC2 Game1
Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Initially available
FAST Config Icon
Fun Accelerator for Speedy Transportation (F.A.S.T.) Configuration

Stetzones grant Stetmann's units 100% increased movement speed. Allied units gain 50% increased movement speed.

Hotkey CTRL + X
Cooldown 1Time SC2 Game1

Mastery: increases the movement speed by +2% on Stetmann units and +1% on allied units per Stetzone Bonuses mastery point. Up to a maximum +160% movement speed on Stetmann units and +80% movement speed on allied units.

Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Initially available
HUGS Config Icon
Health Uptick Generating System (H.U.G.S.) Configuration

Stetzones grant Stetmann's units 10 life regeneration per second. Allied units gain 5 life regeneration per second.

Hotkey CTRL + C
Cooldown 1Time SC2 Game1

Mastery: increases the life regeneration by +0.2 hp per second on Stetmann units and by +0.1 hp per second on allied units per Stetzone Bonuses mastery point. Up to a maximum 16 hp per second on Stetmann units and 8 hp per second on allied units.

Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Initially available
JUICE Config Icon
Just-in-time Uninterruptable Input for Charging Egonergy (J.U.I.C.E.) Configuration

Stetzones grant Stetmann's units 5 Egonergy regeneration per second. Allied units gain 2.5 energy regeneration per second.

Hotkey CTRL + V
Cooldown 1Time SC2 Game1

Mastery: increases the Egonergy regeneration by +0.1 and increases the energy regeneration by +0.05 per Stetzone Bonuses mastery point. Up to a maximum 8 Egonergy per second and 4 energy per second.

Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Reach Stetmann Level 2

Army CompositionEdit

Units and StructuresEdit

Stetmann has access to the following units and structures:

Icon Unit Details Production Base Statistics:
CoopMechaZergling Icon1 Mecha Zergling Fast melee creature. Can use egonergy to give itself a shield and increase attack damage. 50 Minerals Terran SC1 1 ZergSupply SC2 Icon1
for 2 zerglings.
Life: 40 / Armor: 0
CoopMechaBaneling Icon1 Mecha Baneling Suicide unit. Does damage over a small area on death. Can use egonergy to give itself a shield and increase attack damage. Mecha Zergling cost/2 +25 Minerals Terran SC1 +15 ZergVespene SC2 Game1 =
50 Minerals Terran SC1 15 ZergVespene SC2 Game1 0.5 ZergSupply SC2 Icon1
Life: 30 / Armor: 0
40 Damage

Vs Structures: 80 Damage

CoopMechaHydralisk Icon1 Mecha Hydralisk Ranged attacker. Can use egonergy to gain a powerful anti-air attack. 100 Minerals Terran SC1 50 ZergVespene SC2 Game1 2 ZergSupply SC2 Icon1
Life: 80 / Armor: 0
Needle Spine: 14 DPS

Eruditon Missiles: 14 DPS (Vs Armored: 24 DPS)
Eruditon Missiles (Juiced Up): 29 DPS (Vs Armored: 48 DPS)

CoopMechaInfestor Icon1 Mecha Infestor Infestation specialist. Can spawn mecha roaches and mecha ravagers, recharge allied units health and energy, and deal damage over time to enemy structures. 100 Minerals Terran SC1 150 ZergVespene SC2 Game1 2 ZergSupply SC2 Icon1 Life: 90 / Armor: 0
CoopMechaCorruptor Icon1 Mecha Corruptor Anti-air flier. Can use Cluster Buster and terraclean solvent. 150 Minerals Terran SC1 100 ZergVespene SC2 Game1 2 ZergSupply SC2 Icon1 Life: 200 / Armor: 2
14.7 DPS
CoopMechaUltralisk Icon1 Mecha Ultralisk Heavy assault beast. Can use burrow to charge at enemies, stun mechanical enemies after charging and take health from allied and enemy mechanical units. 300 Minerals Terran SC1 200 ZergVespene SC2 Game1 6 ZergSupply SC2 Icon1
Life: 500 / Armor: 2
41 DPS
CoopMechaLurker Icon1 Mecha Lurker Anti-ground ambusher. Can move while burrowed and damage enemies in a line, and focus its attacks on a single target. Mecha Hydralisk cost +50 Minerals Terran SC1 +100 ZergVespene SC2 Game1 +1 ZergSupply SC2 Icon1 =
150 Minerals Terran SC1 150 ZergVespene SC2 Game1 3 ZergSupply SC2 Icon1
Life: 200 / Armor: 1
10 DPS

VS Armored: 15 DPS

CoopMechaBattlecarrierLord Icon1 Mecha Battlecarrier Lord Flying heavy assault beast. Shoots mecha broodlings at its targets. Builds and launches mecha locusceptors at ground targets. Can use Stetmato cannon. Mecha Corruptor cost +300 Minerals Terran SC1 +250 ZergVespene SC2 Game1 +6 ZergSupply SC2 Icon1 =
450 Minerals Terran SC1 350 ZergVespene SC2 Game1 8 ZergSupply SC2 Icon1
Life: 550 / Armor: 1
Mecha Broodling: 12 DPS

Mecha Locusceptor: 5 DPS

MorphOverseer Coop Game1 Mecha Overseer Advanced aerial observer. Maintains the unit cap set by the Mecha overlord. Can use Oversight. 50 Minerals Terran SC1 50 ZergVespene SC2 Game1 Provides 8 ZergSupply SC2 Icon1 Life: 200 / Armor: 1
MechaSpineCrawlerButton Coop Game1 Mecha Spine Crawler Anti-ground defensive structure. 100 Minerals Terran SC1  Life: 300 / Armor: 2

Vs Armoured: 16.22 DPS

MechaSporeCrawlerButton Coop Game1 Mecha Spore Crawler Anti-air defensive structure. 75 Minerals Terran SC1  Life: 400 / Armor: 2
Vs Air: 17

Talent ProgressionEdit

Stetmann acquires the following talents as he levels up:

StetmannLevel1 Coop Game1
Stetisfaction Guaranteed

Stetmann can deploy Stetellites, which grant passive Stetzone enhancements. Structures that unlock units are limited to 1. Mecha Larvae spawn at an increased rate. Stetmann's Mecha units utilize Egonergy, which does not regenerate on its own.

Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Initially unlocked
StetmannLevel2 Coop Game1
The J.U.I.C.E. is Loose

Unlocks the J.U.I.C.E. Configuration, which regenerates Egonergy for Stetmann's units and energy for allied units.

Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Reach Stetmann Level 2
StetmannLevel3 Coop Game1
Gary: Stetellite Overcharge

Gary gains the ability to overcharge a Stetellite, allowing it to actively grant bonuses to nearby units depending on the current Stetellite configuration.

Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Reach Stetmann Level 3
StetmannLevel4 Coop Game1
Mecha Zergling & Mecha Baneling Upgrade Cache

Unlocks the following upgrades at the Mecha Spawning Pool and the Mecha Baneling Nest:

  • Mecha Zerglings gain 100% increased attack speed at the cost of Egonergy.
  • Mecha Banelings gain increased attack damage for each point of Egonergy remaining when they explode.
  • Improves the Mecha Baneling's Egonergy Impact Barrier to absorb more damage per point of Egonergy.
Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Reach Stetmann Level 4
StetmannLevel5 Coop Game1
Friends Forever

Allows Gary and Stetellites to pick up the Remnants of destroyed Mecha units. When enough Remnants are picked up, Mecha units will be rebuilt at no cost at their respective unlock structures.

Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Reach Stetmann Level 5
StetmannLevel6 Coop Game1
New Unit: Mecha Lurker

Area damage ambusher. Must burrow to attack. Can use Tunnel of TERROR Algorithm and Focused Strike Algorithm. Morphed from Mecha Hydralisks.

Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Reach Stetmann Level 6
StetmannLevel7 Coop Game1

Upgrading to Mecha Lair and Mecha Hive reduces the cooldown and increases the maximum charges of Deploy Stetellite.

Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Reach Stetmann Level 7
StetmannLevel8 Coop Game1
Mecha Hydralisk & Mecha Lurker Upgrade Cache

Unlocks the following upgrades at the Mecha Hydralisk Den and the Mecha Lurker Den:

  • Increases the Mecha Hydralisk's anti-air range by 3.
  • Unlock the Mecha Lurker's Focused Strike Algorithm ability, which allows it to concentrate fire in a small area around a target enemy unit for 10 seconds.
Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Reach Stetmann Level 8
StetmannLevel9 Coop Game1
Pushing the Egonvolope

Allows Stetmann's structures to research two upgrades simultaneously.

Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Reach Stetmann Level 9
StetmannLevel10 Coop Game1
Mecha Infestor Upgrade Cache

Unlocks the following upgrades at the Mecha Infestation Pit:

  • Unlock the Mecha Infestor's UMI-C Charging Protocol ability, which allows it to restore health, Egonergy, and energy over time to a target friendly unit. The unit’s ability cooldown rate is also increased.
  • Allow the Mecha Infestor's Roaches Away! and Deconstructive Roach-nite abilities to spawn an additional Mecha Ravager.
Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Reach Stetmann Level 10
StetmannLevel11 Coop Game1
New Unit: Mecha Battlecarrier Lord

Flying heavy-assault unit. Shoots Mecha Broodlings at its target. Builds and launches Mecha Locusceptors that attack enemy ground targets. Can use Stetmato Cannon.

Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Reach Stetmann Level 11
StetmannLevel12 Coop Game1
Mecha Ultralisk Upgrade Cache

Unlocks the following upgrades at the Mecha Ultralisk Cavern:

  • Unlock the Mecha Ultralisk's ability to absorb 25 life from nearby friendly or enemy mechanical units, healing for that amount.
  • Reduces the damage taken by Mecha Ultralisks by 25%.
Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Reach Stetmann Level 12
StetmannLevel13 Coop Game1
Lovable Little Rascals

Mecha Zerglings and Mecha Banelings drop double the amount of Mecha Zergling Remnant.

Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Reach Stetmann Level 13
StetmannLevel14 Coop Game1
Mecha Spire Upgrade Cache

Unlocks the following upgrades at the Mecha Spire and the Mecha Greater Spire:

Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Reach Stetmann Level 14
StetmannLevel15 Coop Game1
Mechnum Opus

Gary gains the ability to transform into Super Gary. Super Gary recharges abilities more quickly and can hold twice the number of ability charges. He can also temporarily generate his own Stetzone and gains attack speed and health regeneration when he collects Mecha Remnants.

Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Reach Stetmann Level 15


Stetmann's army consists entirely of mechanical zerg, giving players a point of reference for his play-style. While all of his units may seem familiar at first glance, Stetmann's unique mechanics make his swarm radically different from commanders like Kerrigan or Zagara, especially since Stetmann's production structures are limited in quantity. Stetmann can produce a swarm rapidly, but a player cannot use his forces recklessly, as his production and research limited to a handful of structures.

My Money's on Gary Edit

Stetmann relies heavily on his hero unit, Gary, as a force multiplier, and to make an impact in the early game while building up his army. While Gary's single target DPS is serviceable, his E-Gorb ability can annihilate entire waves in the early game allowing Gary or zerglings to finish off anything that remains. Stetellite Overchage can apply to both you and your ally's units, giving them useful effects. At hive tech, Gary can be upgraded to Super Gary, upgrading nearly every aspect of him and allowing him to be far more aggressive than nearly any other hero unit. It is highly advised to invest into Super Gary as soon as possible.

Super Gary's ability, Gary-zone, allows him to produce a portable and massive Stetzone around Super Gary, which give all the usual buffs and allow Stetellites to be placed within. Super Gary meanwhile can aggro enemy anti-air which will allow Stetellites to be placed (and subsequently overloaded). HUGS Overload deserves special mention: two overloaded stetellites allow Super Gary to tank 120 DPS, which is very useful in many offensive scenarios.

Super Gary's "Best Oil" ability synergizes well with mecha zerglings and mecha banelings (especially with the Lovable Little Rascals talent), rapidly increasing his fire rate and allowing him to gun down tough targets such as hybrids or capital flyers that would normally present a threat to his units.

Check the Fuel Edit

Stetmann plays differently from other commanders in that all of his units have a reliance on a form of energy: Egonergy. With the Egonergy mechanic in-place, players must keep a close eye on Stetmann's units and their total energy scores. Units with Egonergy can hammer enemy units and use special abilities. Units who have run out of Egonergy are cannon-fodder. Thus, an army can go from being seemingly unstoppable to crushed in a matter of seconds. Careful monitoring of his units can mean the difference between a successful push and a rout, so the Stetmann player must learn to switch between using Gary, checking his units, and keeping an eye of the stetellite fields.

Stetzones, Helping Both Commanders Edit

The FAST Stetzone provides movement speed to workers, thus placing stetellites over an ally's workers provides a boost to their early economy. Not doing so is to not take advantage of Stetmann's basic abilities for the benefit of both players, and it is similar to if a Swann player would not place a Vespene Harvester on his ally's refineries. This boost increases the speed of workers in the early game, but as mineral and gas are saturated, the FAST speed boost becomes less effective on workers. However, this can be an effective means to boost both Stetmann and his ally in the early game and quickly transition them into the midgame. This is particularly effective if the ally is a slower commander to ramp up, such as Swann, Stukov, or Karax.

Aside from the speed boost, Stetmann can also switch to healing zones. This will help all allies within the zone, and can tremendously assists commanders without built-in healers, like Alarak. Stetmann's energy boost is equally impressive: characters can use spell casters much more freely. With careful practice and coordination, Stetmann can enable an ally to use abilities like Psi Storm to shred enemies. With these abilities, Stetmann's Stetzone's can radically alter the course of the game with a click of the mouse, making him an extremely powerful commander.

Stetellites also can provide permanent, map-wide vision, opening up whole worlds of opportunity from allied commanders who require vision for their calldown abilities. Stetellites will continue to provide vision even when disabled, allowing both Stetmann and his ally to dispense swift retribution.

Stetellites have very low HP, however, and can be easily disabled by enemy units, making enemy air compositions dangerous to Stetmann. They can also be shot down by enemy anti-air when being placed, even ones otherwise out of sight. Care must be taken not to lose them to these threats.

Defending the Mecha Swarm Edit

Stetmann relies heavily on his ally until the late-game. As such, Stetmann will fall into a support role for the early game. Central to this is boosting an ally's economy and clever use of Gary. Gary's role as a ranged attacker allows it to cover for commanders who wield melee-only characters for their first units, such as zerglings and zealots. Gary is a decent attacker and defender, but it is not a meat shield and can easily be overwhelmed.

The Stetmann player can make his ally's life a little easier by putting up some static defenses and using Gary to support his ally. Gary is unable to effectively defend Stetmann's base on higher difficulty levels, leaving Stetmann's ally left with the sense of being both the attacker and defender while Stetmann builds up his forces. Establishing some light defenses will keep Gary intact and allow it to be used to support an ally's early push efforts.

A Tide of Fire and Metal Edit

Stetmann's army is, once fully upgraded and empowered with Egonergy, immensely powerful. His mecha ultralisks and mecha battlecarrier lords can shred their way through enemies with ease. However, it takes time to ramp up to this point. Gary, static defenses, and some zerglings will form the first iteration of Stetmman's force, and that force is primarily used for defense or support. However, in the mid-game Stetmann starts to shine via his mecha hydralisks. With upgrades and Egonergy, Stetmann's hydralisks can bring some needed firepower to the field. Similarly to Kerrigan's hydralisks, however, Mecha hydralisks will need support in order to survive and take down enemy forces, as they are very vulnerable to AOE attacks. This makes siege tanks, hybrids, and spell casters dangerous to Stetmann. The player will need to use Mecha Ultralisks or expendable Mecha Roaches to form a meat shield to keep Stetmann's firepower in the battle. Stetmann also needs some downtime between battles in order to recharge his Egonergy, as his mecha hydralisks burn through the energy fairly quickly.

Gary plays a role in restoring Stetmann's forces after a difficult battle. It can gather scrap parts that allow units to be rebuilt, with zerglings and banelings in particular dropping two remnants.


Stetmann's universal abilities, his Stetzones, make him a decent partner to all commanders. However, he does mix with some partners better than others. What Stetmann himself needs is a commander with a strong early game or a strong defense that can hold the line until Stetmann's powerful army gets moving.

Protoss CommandersEdit

AmmoCounter SC2-WoL CineFireFury1

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Just two abilities alone, Stetmann's Stetellites and Artanis's Guardian Shell, are enough to create an excellent synergy. It gives armies of both commanders that additional safeguard and finally giving the means for the Protoss to heal their lost HP in battle. Stetellites may not be able to recharge shields, but the HP regeneration provided will still help things along. Furthermore, should Stetmann decide to go with large numbers of low HP units like Mecha Zerglings and Hydralisk, this would make these kinds of units that much harder to kill. The heavy map vision provided by Stetellites will allow Artanis to have his Power Field pretty much anywhere to deploy and warp down units to dominate areas early as well as providing close air support with his calldown abilities for defense. For the other 2 modes, the heavy speed boost provided by Stetellites will really give that needed mobility Artanis's armies generally lack. Whereas the Juice mode will also be handy if the commander playing Artanis regularly uses high Templar and Archons.


Karax's reconstruction beam will come in handy to give a bit more HP regeneration to Stetmann's units as they are all mechanical. This may create some overlap if the Stetellites are in their healing mode, making it rather redundant. But, later on, when supported with Aiur Carriers to cover for healing duty, commanders playing Stetmann can consider dropping the healing field entirely and opt for speed or juice mode instead. However until Karax and Stetmann can get a decent army up, the commanders will have to rely on Stetmann, some Photon Cannons, and a handful of sentinels or zerglings for their defense. This makes this pairing risky for maps with timed objectives, such as Part and Parcel or Scythe of Amon.


Alarak's hero unit gives him a lot of early-game power to cover for Stetmann's lack thereof, while later on, Stetmann's Hydralisks and Corruptors can help cover for Alarak's lack of dedicated anti-air. The Stetellites' FAST configuration also helps with Alarak's low mobility and HUGS can help extend the lifespan of Alarak's mechanical units, though he has little use for JUICE due to the Ascendants' Sacrifice ability. Stetmann's large swarm of Mechanical units will also grant Alarak a huge damage boost from Empower Me and help screen for his attacking units. Interestingly, Alarak can use Structure Overcharge on Stetellites, allowing him to easily intercept attack waves and provide some extra frontline firepower if needed.

Terran CommandersEdit

AmmoCounter SC2-WoL CineFireFury1

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Stetmann gets really gas starved in late game, especially when transitioning to flying units and other gas heavy units. Swann's vespene drones will help alleviate this in the long run, just as Stetzones will help Swann gather minerals in the early game. The flaw and advantage of redundant mechanical unit healing, similar to Karax and his carriers via their repair drones, still applies, especially once Science Vessels are on the field. The vision provided by Stetmann's Stetellites will allow the Drakken Laser Drill to paint more targets from further away.

A larger issue with this pairing is time. Swann takes time to build up a formidable army, and Stetmann does the same. With the use of drones and Stetzones the commanders can construct their armies faster, but there will still be a large period during the early game when Gary and the Drakken Laser Drill are the bulk of both player's defenses. This can be especially crippling if both players refuse to try and put up static defenses.

Zerg CommandersEdit

AmmoCounter SC2-WoL CineFireFury1

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Ironically enough, Zagara and Stetmann work very well together. They have little direct synergy, as Zagara's mastery allows her to regenerate energy quickly enough and her forces are utterly expendable, but they cover for each other's weaknesses. Zagara's powerful early game lets Stetmann turn his attention to building up his armies, and Zagara's Infested Drop and Frenzy can alleviate Stetmann's fragile army's need for meat shields and cut down down on the length of engagements, which is critical to maintaining Egonergy supplies.

Stetzone's can offer Zagara's already speedy forces a boost, allowing her to blitz objectives and hit objectives with incredible speed. More critically is that Stetmann's hydralisks simply eliminate Zagara's weakness to air units. However, the commanders will need to make certain to coordinate their forces, as Stetmann's endgame army is fairly bulky, and Zagara's Banelings are reliant on making contact with the enemy, which is something they cannot do if a wall of roaches is blocking them.

Stukov Teaming up with Stukov is not a recommended course of action, not only do they use the same tactics IE: spam an unlimited number of troops to dump on the heads of the enemies, but the sheer volume of individual units can and will crash the game.


See: Egon Stetmann Commander Quotations



StetmannAch1 SC2 AchieveIcon1 X.O.X.O

10 Achievement SC2 Game1


Use Gary's Stetellite Overcharge to overload 2,500 allied units.

StetmannAch2 SC2 AchieveIcon1 Recycle, Reduce, Reuse

10 Achievement SC2 Game1


Collect 500 Mecha Remnants in a single mission.

StetmannAch3 SC2 AchieveIcon1 Not A Filler Episode

10 Achievement SC2 Game1


Complete the Super Gary Transformation Sequence within 5 minutes.

StetmannAch4 SC2 AchieveIcon1 Beep Beep Little Stetellite

10 Achievement SC2 Game1


Deploy 40 Stetellites by 10 minutes on Hard difficulty.

StetmannMastery SC2 AchieveIcon1 Hero and Genius

20 Achievement SC2 Game1


Complete all the Commander Stetmann achievements.

Stetmann Coop SC2Portrait Stetmann portrait


StetmannLevel5 SC2 AchieveIcon1 Stetmann: Level 5

10 Achievement SC2 Game1


Reach level 5 with Egon Stetmann in Co-op Missions.

StetmannLevel10 SC2 AchieveIcon1 Stetmann: Level 10

10 Achievement SC2 Game1


Reach level 10 with Egon Stetmann in Co-op Missions.

StetmannLevel15 SC2 AchieveIcon1 Stetmann: Level 15

10 Achievement SC2 Game1


Reach level 15 with Egon Stetmann in Co-op Missions.



Stetmann’s commander identity was conceived out of the popularity of the simulant zerg skinset. When the team deliberated on what commander could represent them, Stetmann was decided upon, as the character already had a special relationship with the team due to their development of him in “Mist Opportunities.” The team wanted to make a character that blended zerg potential and protoss technology, with a dose of terran ingenuity, to adapt Stetmann’s ability to research protoss and zerg technology. For this, the stetzone mechanic was created as a means to create complexity while fulfilling the fantasy of both Stetmann and the Mecha Swarm.[1] Part of Stetmann's design was what imagining what a child or mad scientist would create if they created their own mechanical Swarm. Stetmann has the highest proportion of "placeholder" names for his units and mechanics that made it into live.[2]

At his release, tooltips on the mecha spire referred to Stetmann being able to spawn mecha mutalisks, and mecha mutalisks show up in his commander trailer. Data in the Galaxy Map Editor exists for a mecha roach warren.


Stetmann has unique dialogue on the map "Mist Opportunities," changing the dialogue for both himself and the allied commander.



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