"Goddammit. They're setting us up for a massacre. Eli. Nothing is beneath that guy. He's someone who would make the universe a better place by dying; know what I mean?"

- Ayla(src)

Eli Balfour was a consultant working for the Axiom Ordnance. While outwardly he worked for them, secretly he was subverting their production and sale of military hardware in order to aid rebellions around the sector.


Balfour was a consultant working for Axiom Corporation, and was assigned to their facility on Bukari V. Secretly however, he aided the rebel groups that were targeted by Axiom's war machines, and saw the company as a greedy bunch of savage killers. Balfour found out that they were producing a walker called the warhound, made to combat rebellions in the sector, and sought to sabotage the project. When Ottmar Drenthe was hired to do an advertisement holovid for Axiom, Balfour approached him with a counteroffer of double what Axiom was paying if he created an advertisement that exposed the flaws of the warhound. Hearing of Axiom's crimes, and in desperate need of money, Drenthe accepted. Half of the money was given to him up front.

After taking a tour with Dario Cerulli, Drenthe met Balfour again, who was working in the facility. The next day, Balfour informed Drenthe that the fake combat armor and ordnance would be substituted for real ones, in order to better expose the flaws of the warhound. Drenthe was annoyed but unconcerned by this, until Dario informed him that the warhounds would be piloted by workers of Axiom. Seeing the workers protest when he had arrived, Drenthe felt their plight, and informed them of Balfour's plan. The leader of the workers, Ayla, then sabotaged the live ordnance of Balfour and undid his damage.

The day of the filming, the warhounds started performing as Axiom planned. Balfour contacted Drenthe, angry that he broke their deal, but Drenthe stated that Balfour couldn't take the high ground as he was sacrificing the workers. Balfour set the facility into lockdown and demanded the cancellation of the filming and the arrest of Drenthe for corporate sabotage. He ran to Drenthe's booth with a rifle, and attempted to kill him. Ayla, piloting one of the warhounds, blasted him with a directed plasma field-charged slug, killing him instantly and distinguishing his body.


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