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Elite Agents is an Arcade-spotlighted custom map for StarCraft II. It was created by Trevor "Trieve" Quach, and derived inspiration from X-COM: Apocalypse.[1]


In Elite Agents, a player takes control of a squad of three marines and attempts to outmaneuver and out-think their opponent, taking out his/her troops and capturing map objectives. The players decide what kind of composition they deploy with.[1] The classes are the "heavy," the "sniper," the "scout," and "mixed."[2] Different weapons may be used, such as rocket launchers and grenades.

The goal of the game is to earn points by eliminating marines, capturing the flag, and holding the hill. Players can only move one marine at a time and each marine can only take a limited number of actions per turn. Moving, attacking, switching weapons—everything deducts from a player's total action value, so planning ahead is a must for the squad to be the most effective.[1] A cover system exists in the game, and trees limit vision and line of sight.[2]


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