Ellen Houston was a woman married to Denny Houston, a fixer.

She separated from him and took shelter at Revelation, a mobile uranium-mining town. Denny tracked her down at great expense, then hired a team of outlaws, the War Pigs, to kidnap her in exchange for information. The outlaws were being affected by a xel'naga artifact, causing unusual behavior. In addition, some of the War Pigs were uncomfortable with the morality of the job.

War Pigs Iggins and Cole Hickson abducted her, but Iggins had a particularly strong reaction because he found her in bed with a man, Hal. Iggins promptly killed him.

Aboard the War Pigs' ship the General Lee, Ellen awoke to find herself alone with Denny, who threatened her with a knife. A confused Iggins then entered the room, shooting Denny in the arm and calling Ellen his "wife". Associating her with his unfaithful wife, Desi, whom he had previously killed, Iggins put a gun to her head and threatened to kill her. However, Ellen was able to subdue him, then took his gun and killed Denny with it. Afterward her mind "shut down".[1]


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