Elliot[1] Canon was a Confederate senator. He was intent on cleaning up Confederate corruption and bringing to light the actions of the Center for State Security.[2]


Nuura Joss was assigned as Canon's bodyguard in 2496 as he ran for an election. They became lovers, an act which weakened Joss' professionalism.

On Brontes, a Korhalian almost assassinated Canon, but Joss rescued him just in time. Afterward, Canon refused to condemn the Sons of Korhal for the attempt while Joss tried to get transferred to guard someone else, feeling she could no longer protect Canon, but they were ambushed by a ghost. Joss was knocked unconscious, while Canon was killed with a knife.

Joss was accused of his murder, a treason charge which carried a life sentence, although the media believed it to be a crime of passion. Leonid Celsus of the Center for State Security was relieved that Canon could no longer try to expose his activities. He intended to take advantage of Joss' predicament.[2]


Canon is only referred to by his surname in StarCraft: Issue 5. His first name was revealed in StarCraft: Issue 0.[1]


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