Emil Narud appears in various forms in StarCraft II.

Wings of LibertyEdit

Once a research tree from Hyperion's laboratory is complete, Narud sends a message allowing surplus research points to be sold to the Moebius Foundation for credits.[1]

Heart of the SwarmEdit

Narud appears as an invincible enemy unit in "Phantoms of the Void." A "phantom" seems to appear over his true form.

He continually fires a null zone at Sarah Kerrigan, who fires a similar energy beam back. As time goes on, Narud's beam overpowers Kerrigan's, threatening her life, but every time Alexei Stukov shuts down a xel'naga temple, his beam weakens, enabling Kerrigan's beam to push back toward his. The beams are a graphical effect, not an actual game effect, and neither beam do damage in game terms.

Legacy of the VoidEdit

Narud appears in the Legacy of the Void epilogue mission "Into the Void". He is a large, immobile unit located at the top of the map, surrounded by Void Shades and constructs that bleed void corruption. The player must defeat him to complete the mission.

A Narud-themed portrait based on his appearance in this form is available for players who pre-ordered the collector's edition of Legacy of the Void.[2]

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