The Emperor of the Terran Dominion is the absolute monarch of the Terran Dominion. A hereditary imperial title and office proclaimed by Arcturus Mengsk in March 2500 after the Fall of Tarsonis.[1][2] In 2505, Arcturus was killed in the Battle of Korhal, and his son Valerian Mengsk took the position.[3]

During the Defenders of Man Insurgency, pressure from the Defenders of Man caused Emperor Valerian Mengsk to state his intention to step down as Emperor of the Terran Dominion, leaving the state of the throne uncertain.[4]

List of OfficeholdersEdit

Mengsk DynastyEdit

Portrait Heraldry Name Reign Claim to the throne Children
ArcturusMengsk SC2 Head3
MengskDynasty SC2 Cncpt1 Arcturus Mengsk March, 2500–early April, 2505 Right of conquest Valerian Mengsk
ValerianMengsk SC2 Head1
MengskDynasty SC2 Cncpt1 Valerian Mengsk Early April, 2505–present First child and first son of Arcturus Mengsk None


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