English is a West Germanic language that originated from the Anglo-Frisian dialects brought to Britain by Germanic settlers and Roman auxiliary troops from various parts of what is now northwest Germany and the Northern Netherlands. Over the course of history, it established itself as one of humanity's most prominent languages, spoken by billions across Earth. When the United Powers League came to power in the twenty-third century, English was designated as the common language of the planet, while other languages were banned,[1] though the use of other languages survived in the Koprulu sector[2] and on Earth as of 2500.[3]

Future EnglishEdit

In the Koprulu Sector, the English language is sometimes referred to as "Terran".[4] A few words and phrases have found their way into the language that do not originate from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries:


A few words and phrases are found in the future that would not be found in our own time, many of them originating from the Gutter.[5] These include:

  • Acnoid (Young person)[6]
  • Boscrap (analogous to "bullshit" or "bullcrap")[7]
  • Brain-buzzed (confused, dazed, etc.)[8]
  • Chobo (a derogatory term)[9]
  • Confed/Confederal (members of the government and military of the Terran Confederacy)[6]
  • Clodhopper (a poor farming colonist)[10]
  • Curve (seemingly the equivalent of "broad". Meant in a derogatory sense)[6]
  • Fekkhead (general insult)[8]
  • Fekk(ing) (General curse word)[11]
  • Fekklehead (someone who is crazy/stupid)[12]
  • Flick (alternate term for "fornicate". Considered to be just as offensive.)[6]
  • Fog (alternate term for "confuse"; a person who is confused is "fogged")[6]
  • Fringe-squib (derogatory term for a Fringe Worlder)[13]
  • Gopher (a miner)[14]
  • Greening (the training of new recruits)[8]
  • Grounder (a slow moving person not used to space)[14]
  • Habhead (derogatory term used to described someone addicted to the drug hab)[6]
  • Hard-shell (term psionic humans use to describe those without psionics)[15]
  • Hot shot (slang term for Uranium-238 shots)[16]
  • Hydra (short term for hydralisk)[16]
  • Jarbrain (derogatory term for a marine)[8]
  • Korhole (derogatory term for someone from Korhal or a member of the Sons of Korhal)[17]
  • Muta (short term for mutalisk)[16]
  • Panbrain (someone who has undergone neural resocialization, or is just plain stupid)[6]
  • Panbrained (past tense to describe neural resocialization, or a form of insanity)[6]
  • Pidge/Pidgeon (a high ranking member of the Terran Dominion who "craps" on those below them)[14]
  • Psych (an individual with psionic powers)[17]
  • Pyrokeet (someone who possess pyrokinesis)[8]
  • Rat (a small amount)[6]
  • Rats (Dominion Marine Corps slang for rations)[11]
  • Resoc (shortened term for neural resocialization. Also used to describe someone who has undergone the process)[17]
  • Rocket jockey (someone who flies and/or maintains aerospace craft)[18]
  • Scan me (as in "read me" or "understand me")[6]
  • Slike (common derogatory term)[6]
  • Snap (derogatory term for the female reproductive system)[6]
  • Solid (okay)[19]
  • Speedling (term for a zergling that has undergone metabolic enhancements)[18]
  • Swill rat (an individual who comes from the Swill)[9]
  • Teek (an individual capable of telekinesis/"teeking")[6]
  • Teep (an individual capable of telepathy/"teeping")[6]
  • Vac head (someone who has spent too much time aboard spacecraft)[8]
  • Warp-rat (an individual who tends to warp engines)[13]
  • X-factor (marine shorthand for skilled snipers)[20]


Alternate terms have emerged for keeping track of time, although the 21st century terms are still used. These include:

Terrans of the Koprulu sector still use a seven-day week, utilizing the same names for days as their 21st century counterparts.[22]

Data StorageEdit

Kilomeme is a unit of measuring data storage capacity. The exact measure is unknown, but 50 kilomemes proved insufficient for the Southwest District department of the Tarsonis Police Force.[6]


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