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Errol Bennet, a member of the Old Families, was the father of Ark Bennet.

He had a broad forehead, close-set eyes, and a prominent jaw. His face was considered difficult to scan.

Unlike some other Old Family heads, he insisted on privacy for his family.[1]


Errol Bennet had two children, an older daughter Tara and a younger son, Ark. The elder had the skills and aptitudes for taking over Bennet Industries as his heir, but he still considered Ark, who lacked these aptitudes, as a "spare". In the Old Family Reunion of 2488, Errol Bennet insisted Ark attend, in the hopes he would learn something.

However, Ark slipped out, only to run afoul of grifters. He was forcibly recruited into the Confederate Marine Corps as "Ryk Kydd". During his training, "Kydd" discovered he had the talent to be a good sniper. He decided to remain hidden within his own identity.

Bennet put a bounty on finding Kydd, to no avail. Even the Military Security Service, which had discovered him, couldn't turn him back over to his father as Kydd refused to give up his new identity.

Meanwhile, Bennet was making money off the Guild Wars. He took part in a scheme with a Confederate colonel, Javier Vanderspool, and a Kel-Morian overseer, Aaron Pax, to steal a large shipment of ardeon crystals from the Kel-Morians on Turaxis II. Bennet Industries would be responsible for shipping the crystals off-planet. The plan was to split the proceeds into thirds. Vanderspool, Kydd's superior officer, learned of Kydd's true identity and offered to give him back his son for half the take. However, Bennet said his son had many chances to contact him and hadn't, so he disowned him.

Bennet and the others didn't know that Kydd was secretly observing them. Kydd was shocked and brought the news to his squad leader, Sergeant Tychus Findlay.

Meanwhile, Pax was upset at Vanderspool for messing up a prior scheme and planned to double-cross him with Bennet's cooperation. They would split the money in half. However, the scheme went awry. Both Vanderspool and Pax were defeated by Findlay's forces, and the Kel-Morians kept their crystals.[1]


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