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A Liberator escape pod

Escape pods are small escape craft used to evacuate starships in the event of an emergency.


Terran escape pods, also referred to as "lifepods" or "lifeboats," are small terran craft used for transport in emergencies. They are attached to capital ships[1] such as Behemoth-class battlecruisers,[2], liberators,[3] science vessels and cargo ships. However, their presence is not a given.

Terran escape pod

Pods contain basic supplies that are bolted to the walls and/or carried in mesh pouches,[1] such supplies including MREs[2] and a med-kit. A weapons locker is also present, containing at least five types of pistol, a Torrent SR-8 shotgun and AGR-14 rifle.[2] It is equipped with harnesses for six individuals[1] and a cockpit for both a pilot and co-pilot. Pods are capable of planetary landings and travel through space. Gravity is maintained even when in the latter, suggesting compatibility with gravity accelerators.

Escape pods can travel a fair distance, at least between worlds. However, due to limited fuel and food, a pod cannot remain in space indefinitely and has to land eventually.[2]

Battlecruisers are outfitted with an escape pod variant named a jump-pod.[4]


The protoss have their own escape pods,[5] designed to carry one or two protoss. They can carry ten days worth of oxygen and protective suits, and are protected by shields. They are carried by carriers[6] and motherships.[7] Many have a similar design to scouts, and retain the fighter's maneuverability, though lacking their weaponry and only fitting one to two protoss within.[6]


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