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"You can evolve and upgrade your Swarm in the evolution pit. The creature Abathur can help you."

- Izsha(src)

The evolution pit

The evolution pit[1] aboard Sarah Kerrigan's leviathan is controlled by Abathur, the evolution master. Evolution missions are accessed through the evolution pit.


Selecting a baneling upgrade

The player can select one of three mutations for each unit to use. The player can switch mutations freely between missions. However, only one mutation can be active at a time. These mutations will apply to variants of the base unit unlocked through evolution missions; i.e., zergling upgrades affect raptors and swarmlings, but not banelings. Primal variants of the base units do not have these upgrades.


SC2 HardenedCarapace Icon.jpg
Hardened Carapace

Increases zergling HP by 10.

Tissue testing has revealed beneficial mutation of zergling plating. Carapace can be hardened in key locations throughout thorax. Will provide significant increase to life expectancy, hamper access to vital organs.

Campaign Acquisition
SC2 AdrenalOverload Icon.jpg
Adrenal Overload

Increases zergling attack rate by 50%

Adrenal functions of zerglings simple to mutate. Often modified on battlefield through spawning pool. Possible to improve adrenal system at base level, increase glandular output. Will overload adrenaline production, greatly improve zergling attack speed.

Campaign Acquisition
SC2 MetabolicBoost Icon.jpg
Metabolic Boost

Increases zergling movement speed by 60%

Bolstering metabolic system of zergling, common battlefield strategy. Possible to augment enzyme production, improve energy production rate. Will provide significant increase to movement speed, allow zerglings to close distance on foes outrun pursuers.

Campaign Acquisition


SC2 CorrosiveAcid Icon.jpg
Corrosive Acid

Doubles damage inflicted to primary target. Splash damage is unchanged.

Damage output of baneling acids low. Room for improvement. Acidic compounds can be altered. Mutation of production cells within membrane of acid sacs is required. Would increase acid potency two-fold, deliver significant damage to target.

Campaign Acquisition
SC2 Rupture Icon.jpg

Increases explosion radius by 50%.

Current membrane toughness of acid sacs too low. Can restructure membranes, thicken. Will allow acid sacs to carry increased volume, improved radius of spray upon detonation. Will decrease likelihood that enemy survives inevitable rupture.

Campaign Acquisition
SC2 RegenerativeAcid Icon.jpg
Regenerative Acid

Baneling explosion heals allied units and structures.

Discovery. Successful mutation of baneling acid spray, infused with debriding properties of swarm queen's transfusion. Upon detonation, acid spray dissolves necrotic tissue from injured zerg within radius. Allows wounded zerg to regenerate quickly.

Campaign Acquisition


SC2 HydriodicBile Icon.jpg
Hydriodic Bile

Roach deals +8 damage to light units.

Base composition of roach acidic saliva identical to that of zantar slug. Highly corrosive. Can alter chemical compound. Systematically evolve bile duct membranes, force production of hydroiodic bile. Upon contact, will melt tissue, flesh, bone. Dissolve poorly armored foes.

Campaign Acquisition
SC2 AdaptivePlating Icon.jpg
Adaptive Plating

Roach gains +3 armor when below 50% HP.

Roach carapace effective. Improvement difficult. Requires redesign, alternate carapace structure. Can use modular plates to protect roach, provide equivalent defense. When roach wounded, adaptive plates react to blood flow, thicken. Ensure survival.

Campaign Acquisition
SC2 TunnelingClaws Icon.jpg
Tunneling Claws

Roach can move at full speed while burrowed. Doubles roach regeneration rate while burrowed.

Can enhance roach utility, several key evolutions. Able to evolve tunneling claws, series of spiracles lining carapace. Will allow roach to tear through terrain while burrowed, draw additional nutrients from soil. Combination provides strategic advantage.

Campaign Acquisition


SC2 Zagara AC - MassFrenzy.png

Temporarily increases hydralisk attack speed by 50%. Cannot be autocast.

Hydralisk aggression inhibited by cerebral cortex. Can enable hive mind to trigger impulses directly. Upon command, attacks frenzy for limited period. Cortex requires recovery time after use. Limbic system fragile.

Hotkey T
Duration 15 seconds
Cooldown 30 seconds
Campaign Acquisition
SC2 AncillaryCarapace Icon.jpg
Ancillary Carapace

Increases hydralisk HP by 20.

Hydralisk carapace evolved primarily for offensive role. Thin, hollow. Allows increased movement potential at cost of fragile structure. Possible to evolve ancillary carapace, redundant plating. Will increase protection. Hinder exoskeletal rupture.

Campaign Acquisition
SC2 HotSGroovedSpines Icon.jpg
Grooved Spines

Increases hydralisk attack range by 1.

Spine projectile, effective. Few alterations made since assimilation of slothien urticating bristles. Grooved spines, common evolution on battlefield. Can be introduced directly into hydralisk template. Will increase aerodynamic properties of spines, allow hydralisk to attack distant foes.

Campaign Acquisition


SC2 ViciousGlave Icon.jpg
Vicious Glave

Mutalisk's attacks bounce three more times. Attacks bounce further and do increased damage.

Glave wurm symbiote, simple sequences. Ample room for improvement. Can mutate constitution of cartilaginous framework, amplify damage of impact. Will increase number of targets affected by wurm before structure failure, disintegration.

Campaign Acquisition
TissueRegeneration SC2-HotS Icon.jpg
Rapid Regeneration

Mutalisk regeneration increases to 10 HP per second when out of combat for at least 5 seconds.

Mutalisk fragile, in need of improved survivability. Requires restructure of sequence down to core. When wounded, cells will activate, remodels tissue to original state. Rapid regeneration. Will require almost entire focus of mutalisk, much exertion. Must devise instinctive aversion to use in combat. Dead mutalisks of minimal use.

Campaign Acquisition
SC2 SunderingGlave Icon.jpg
Sundering Glave

Increases mutalisk attack damage +9 against armored targets. Attacks no longer hit multiple targets.

Alternative configuration of glave wurm possible. Similar constitution to baneling strain. Explosive. Will deal significant damage to single enemy. Wurm is destroyed upon detonation. Subsequent collisions impossible.

Campaign Acquisition

Swarm host[]


Allows swarm host to burrow. Can still spawn locusts while burrowed.

Primal sequences of swarm host resistant to improvement. Frustrating. Simple adaptations become incredible challenge. Essence constantly adapting, rejecting mutations. Aggravating. Difficult, but can enable burrow. Locust spawning will remain functional while submerged.

Campaign Acquisition
SC2 RapidIncubation Icon.jpg
Rapid Incubation

Locusts spawn 20% faster.

Locust production inefficient. Will greatly benefit from redundancy removal. Sequences are complex, wasteful. Byproduct of wild, uncontrolled evolution. Simplification of sequences will allow swarm hosts to incubate full-grown locusts at rapid speeds.

Campaign Acquisition
SC2 PressurizedGlands Icon.jpg
Pressurized Glands

Locusts can attack both ground and air units.

Swarm host defense reliant on locust organism. Locust secrets solvent fluids, projectiles towards enemy. Can mutate glands, increase pressure. Will allow projectile to reach incredible height. Attack both ground and aerial targets.

Campaign Acquisition


SC2 BurrowCharge Icon.jpg
Burrow Charge

Ultralisk burrows and charges towards target point. On eruption, knocks enemies back and stuns them for 2 seconds. Can be autocast.

Ultralisk, large muscular surface area. Able to vibrate billions of subdermal muscles, break apart terrain, burrow into ground. Possible to mutate muscular system, amplify vibration resonance. Allow ultralisk to dive into ground, charge enemy. Exploit misconceptions of solid terrain.

Range 9
Cooldown 10 seconds
Campaign Acquisition
SC2 TissueAssimilation Icon.jpg
Tissue Assimilation

Ultralisk recovers 40% of damage inflicted to enemies.

Kaiser blades extremely effective. Monofilament edge tears through materials. Flesh, bone, armor. Significant carnage. Can utilize, turn into asset. Can alter carapace surface. Allow assimilation of usable matter from fluids, wreckage. Will become fuel for immediate tissue regeneration.

Campaign Acquisition
SC2 MonarchBlades Icon.jpg
Monarch Blades

Ultralisk deals +20 splash damage.

Significant alteration, monarch blades. Tissues of kaiser blades reconfigured on microscopic scale. New structure prevents momentum loss. Blades cleave multiple enemies with same strength as striking single foe.

Campaign Acquisition


The following section contains information from a previous version of Evolution pit/Development which is no longer valid.



Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm - Evolution Pit Mutations & Evolution Mission Evolutions


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