The executor was a leader of the protoss refugees from Aiur who commanded protoss warriors directly in battle.

Executor from Dark Vengeance

The Executor was a protoss commander during Enslavers: Dark Vengeance, working underneath Zeratul and directly ordering warriors in battle against the forces of Ulrezaj. There is a very strong possibility that this is the same Executor as the one from Episode IV, since Enslavers II takes place directly after the end of Episode IV.


The StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty "The Story so Far" lore article identifies Artanis as the executor from Episode III and doesn't mention this executor in its section about Episode IV.[1] StarCraft: Brood War refers to Artanis as a Praetor, and this Executor is a separate character.[2] It may be possible that this Executor has been retconned out of continuity, and Artanis fulfills their role in the story. Alternatively, this executor could be Selendis, as she currently holds the title of executor and was a student of Artanis.[3] In Wings of Liberty, Selendis appeared to know Jim Raynor from his services to Aiur.[4]


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