Fagin's Crime Syndicate was a gang, run by Fagin, that operated from "the Gutter," the poor district of Tarsonis City, Tarsonis.

The syndicate was powerful enough to be unchallenged by the Tarsonis Police Force.


It was once lead by Grin, but Fagin (his chief lieutenant at the time) murdered him to seize power. It has a long list of crimes that it committed frequently, including drug trafficking, bribing police officials, extortion, kidnapping, rape, murder, weapons dealing, prostitution and funding of rebel movements. The set up of Fagin's gang was similar to that of a military organization or police force in that it had a ranking system for its members. Fagin's contacts came from a variety of places, including Korhal for drugs (before it was destroyed), the Tarsonis Police Force for information and bribing the officers, and the Confederate Army for weapons and military equipment.

The syndicate collapsed when Malcolm Kelerchian and the Annihilators, a Confederate military unit, destroyed their headquarters while securing one of Fagin's "members" for the Ghost Program. This occurred as the Sons of Korhal invaded the planet.


Major FollowersEdit

Minor FollowersEdit

Gun NutsEdit

These four thugs were ordered to bring a lot of guns to Fagin's headquarters and fend off Nova.

Fagin's HaremEdit

Fagin maintained a harem of twelve people, men and women, that he kept around for sexual pleasure. He never learned their names, as he only liked them for their appearance.

Fagin's KidsEdit


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