The following section contains information from a silly source and is not canon.

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The following section contains information from the Warcraft series and is not canon.

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Failocs are a strange type of murlok seen trying to rush past or into BlizzCon in Failoc-alypse while carrying "Oops" flags. One of three heroes (such as Jim Raynor) are tasked with killing as many of them as possible. They are weak, dying to only one hit.

Failocs vary in size and speed, becoming faster and more numerous as their opponent becomes stronger.

The hero can call upon Grunty the murloc marine for assistance; he will drop a nuke at a cost of 250 gold pieces, wiping out all failocs on the screen.


Long ago, during the age of man, but before All-You-Can-Eat Buffets, a plague of failocs emerged from underground. They killed many humans during the conflict, but humanity persevered.

"Now" they have arisen again, carrying their apologetic flags. Three heroes, including Jim Raynor, were tasked to stop them.

Boss MurlocEdit

FailocBoss Failoc-Alypse Game1

The boss

A special, particularly large and tough "boss" murloc exists. The boss has no attack. It flickers red as it very slowly moves across the screen. It appears at level 100 with a red health bar over its head and takes over 32 nukes to destroy (a regular shot does as much as a nuke). The game continues after its death (or after it makes it to BlizzCon).


The failocs look exactly like wearers of the murloc costume that participants of BlizzCon 2007 could get in World of Warcraft as a fun item so they resemble humans in disguise. However, the game text reveals them to be monsters.


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