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"Let the Death Fleet wipe out this meat, while I focus on the true enemy."

The Fall of Spearpoint Base was a battle that happened after the End War on the Umojan Protectorate world of Aeneas between the Umojan Protectorate and the Tal'darim, ending in the destruction of the settlement of Spearpoint Base.[1]

Background[edit | edit source]

Spearpoint Base was a Umojan Protectorate munitions facility, manufacturing weapons, but hiding a secret lab where the Protectorate developed a powerful anti-protoss weapon. This caught the attention of an renegade Nerazim, who sought to use this weapon against her own kind. She sent her thrall Caleb into the base in the guise of a worker, to mingle with the population while he tried to uncover the location of this lab.[2]

After the Nerazim slowly killed the workers around Caleb and sew chaos among the base to encourage Caleb to keep searching, the two eventually found the lab and the weapon within. The Nerazim forced Caleb to contact the Tal'darim and their Death Fleet, goading them to Aeneas to wipe out the Umojan settlement. However, as they tried to escape, Caleb found security officer Ida Briggs, and warned her early of the oncoming Death Fleet.[1]

Course of the Battle[edit | edit source]

The early warning gave the Umojans the time they needed to evacuate many of their civilians, particularly the children, but soon the Death Fleet arrived in orbit just as the ships left. They descended on the planet, and overwhelmed the Umojan defenders. The Umojans tried to mount a defense with missile turrets, siege tanks and Goliaths, but they were soon overrun, and the base purified via mothership.

As the battle raged on, Caleb and the Nerazim attempted to escape with the weapon and an experimental protoss power cell, but Caleb turned on his master, and destroyed his ships navigation controls. His shuttle careened into a Tal'darim mothership, destroying both ships in a fiery chain reaction.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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