The Fanfare is a dropship under the command of Raynor's Raiders, hailing from the battlecruiser Hyperion. It is piloted by Wil Merrick.

During the Battle of Char, the Fanfare ferried Jim Raynor, his men and a recently de-infested Sarah Kerrigan from the surface of Char to the battlecruiser Bucephalus. Raynor originally hoped to reach the Hyperion and bring Kerrigan to his own sick bay, suspecting that Valerian Mengsk would treat Kerrigan as a lab experiment if he docked at his ship. However, a heavy mutalisk attack forced Raynor to dock at the Bucephalus instead.

The ship was fitted with weapons under the supervision of Annabelle Thatcher and Rory Swann. It was used to rescue Raynor and his companions from Space Station Prometheus.


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