"That guy today, he's a recruiter! It's his job to make it seem adventurous and exciting, but war is war, no matter how you spin it. You have a fifteen-minute conversation with some propaganda spouter and suddenly you're ready to sign your life away."

Farley was a Confederate marine and goliath pilot during the Guild Wars. He had a "high wattage" personality, a strong grip, eyes that looked like "gun barrels" and a face that looked too young for his age, along with strange jaw movement. Jim Raynor speculated from this that he might have undergone facial reconstruction for wounds suffered in combat.[1]


"Good morning, folks! My name is Farley...Gunnery Sergeant Farley...I'll be down in a sec."

- Farley introduces himself to Trace and Jim Raynor(src)

In 2488, Gunnery Sergeant Farley was a recruiter on Shiloh. He visited the Raynor's farm in a goliath to entice Jim Raynor into the Confederate Marine Corps. The sergeant left a favorable impression and prompted Jim to explicitly bring up the subject of enlistment with his reluctant parents. His pitch worked, and not long afterwards, Jim was among numerous other recruits being processed in the courthouse of the town of Centerville. Farley processed Raynor's application directly and assured him that the rigors of boot camp would be worth it.[1]


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