Farm Aid is a terran program based within the Terran Confederacy[1] and later the Terran Dominion. It accepts donations for its activities.[2]


During the Confederate era, Farm Aid accepted donations from the Old Families and gave money to farmers affected by the poor economy following the Guild Wars, aiding the farmers while providing a large tax break to the Old Families. It was only able to partially alleviate the economic harm on planets such as Shiloh.

In 2495 700 million credits of Farm Aid money was to be stored in Covington Bank, Bacchus Moon, for 37 hours. Robbers employed by crime lord Scutter O'Banon, including Jim Raynor and Tychus Findlay, tried to steal it. However, Raynor realized what the money was for at the last minute and couldn't go through it. The robbers had a falling out, leaving only Raynor and Findlay alive. The two fled. Findlay intended to return to get the money, but was arrested by the police.[1]


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