"I have heard of these Terran spectres... Focus their energies into a feedback loop, they will not bear it."

- High templar(src)

Feedback is a psionic power.

During the Brood War, dark archons manipulated raw psychic energy to cause damage by turning the energy of a target against itself.[1]

By the Second Great War, the high templar learned to use this ability.[2] As high templar are deeply attuned to the energy flows that surround them, through this psionic ability, these warriors can grasp the energy currents present in beings or machines, and drain them through a violent chain reaction. This backlash may cause grievous wounds to living beings, or massive structural damage to machines. If the target happens to bristle with energy, the powerful psionic Feedback may destroy it outright.[3]

Game EffectEdit


Feedback Icon SC1

Drains a target's energy and deals damage equal to the amount of the energy drained.[1] The ability can instantly kill a high templar, ghost, medic, Wraith, science vessel, defiler or a queen that was at full health. The amount of damage is not affected by armor or unit size.

Hotkey F
Cost 50 Energy Terran SC1
Range 10

StarCraft IIEdit

Feedback SC2 Icon1

The high templar drains all energy from a target unit, dealing damage equal to half of the energy drained.

Hotkey F
Cost 50 Energy Terran SC1
Range 9


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