Fen Chakra was a War Pig.

She described the War Pigs as "exactly what punches [my] ticket" due to the lack of rules and structure. She enjoyed fighting in dangerous missions. She was considered insubordinate. She was well aware the War Pigs were "throw-away". According to fellow War Pig Turfa Dei, she had a talent for interrogation.

Chakra was distinguished by a dragoon tattoo on her back and Chinese character tattoos on her upper left back and shoulder.

Chakra was involved in a romantic relationship with Brock Valevoss.[1]


Fen Chakra had been part of a wealthy family, but made a "career" of "rebelling without a cause". She fell into the wrong crowd.

Chakra was eventually sentenced to 25 years in jail for aggravated assault, criminal trespass, disorderly conduct, indecent exposure, solicitation, malicious mischief, possession by consumption, possession of a controlled substance, and public intoxication. She became one of the original War Pigs, joining circa 2497 and scoring well in combat exercises.

As a War Pig, Chakra was secretive about her former life, not revealing it to the War Pigs in general for two years.

In March 2499 Fen and the other War Pigs were at Camp Connelly, Tarsonis, when they she was harassed by members of Delta Company. One of them tried to hit on her, prompting her to beat him up and break his arm.

They were summoned to the Center for State Security for a meeting with their boss, bureaucrat Tamsen Cauley. They were ordered to locate and destroy the Hephaestus, a battlecruiser carrying secret data in physical format, along with something else. They took their "new" ship, the General Lee. Along the journey, fellow War Pig Turfa Dei convinced Chakra Fen to tell her life story. Afterward, Brock Valevoss summoned her to a meeting, but this was just cover for their affair.

Aboard the Hephaestus, Valevoss took Fen with him on "pest control" duty. They walked through an infested portion of the battlecruiser until Fen was jumped from behind by a zergling. Valevoss shouted out a warning, but Fen had been crippled. She asked to be left behind so she could die as a War Pig. Valevoss did so, but was strongly affected by her death.[1]


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