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[[Category: Zerg Broods]]
[[Category: Zerg Broods]]
[[Category: Zerg]]
[[Category: Organizations]]
[[Category: Organizations]]

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Template:Brood Infobox The Fenris Brood is one of the many Zerg Broods within the Zerg Swarm. It is a very small Brood compared to its larger counterparts.

The Fenris Brood's role is to systematically hunt down and eliminate opponents of the Zerg Swarm. The creatures of this brood are known for their formidable tracking skills and their deadly efficiency. One of the brood's main tasks is to find new races suitable for assimilation into the Zerg Swarm; once such a species has been identified by the Fenris Brood, it will be hunted down until it is either assimilated or eradicated.

The Fenris Brood has yet to be observed in combat. Its role as the hunter brood likely means that it is never sent in to fight enemies of the Swarm and is only called upon for specialized missions. In gameplay, the teal colour is usually used to denote heroes in both the Terran and Protoss armies.

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