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Chimaera Base

Fire Base Chimera (or Chimera Base) was manned by a group of Terran Confederacy marines, featuring bunkers and a command center, located on the planet of Mar Sara.


In the Battle of Fire Base Chimera, the base came under attack by the zerg, which infested at least one of the troops, Gunnery Sergeant Andre Madrid, a survivor from Chau Sara. Protoss troops under the command of Executor Tassadar later entered the base, attempting to rescue any terran survivors. The protoss discovered Madrid and killed a small number of zerg who had arrived to "welcome" him into the Swarm.[1]

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After purification and recolonization, the base was rebuilt as a Terran Dominion outpost on Mar Sara with a large trench network. Lieutenant Strepp was the base's C.O. During the Interbellum, it came under attack by the zerg, and Nova Terra aided in pushing back waves of zerglings that got through the base's guns. A nydus canal erupted from the ground and disgorged waves of zerg upon the base, but it was destroyed once the base's armory door was repaired, allowing for the deployment of siege tanks. The Dominion forces promptly launched a counter-attack against the zerg.[2]


Chimaera Base was to be the location of the level "Zergling Rush" in the canceled StarCraft: Ghost, and Nova would have to fight through the base's trenches to support the Dominion forces there.[2]


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