Lieutenant Fitz was a marine lieutenant loyal to Colonel Javier Vanderspool. He commanded a number of neurally resocialized marines.

During Colonel Vanderspool's operations in Korsy, Fitz and his men disguised themselves as Kel-Morian Combine troops in order to aid in Vanderspool's raid of a shipment of ardeon crystalss. However, Vanderspool was betrayed by the Kel-Morian he was working with as well as engaged by the Special Tactics and Missions Platoon, who he betrayed. Fitz and his resocialized marines fought against both forces, and took heavy casualties.

When the battle began to turn against the Special Tactics and Missions Platoon, Fitz took Petty Officer Lisa Cassidy hostage. Tychus Findlay attempted to shoot the both of them, as Cassidy had betrayed them to Vanderspool, but Jim Raynor stopped him, and Hank Harnack used his flamethrower to cover his platoon as they escaped from Fitz's men.


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