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"Swann, what say you get that turret of yours set up before we advance?"
"No sooner said than done, cowboy. Just stay behind 'ole Flamin' Betty here and let her take the heat."

- Jim Raynor and Rory Swann in the tunnels of Char(src)

Flaming Betty is Rory Swann's personal Perdition turret model. It is good for destroying swarms of small zerg and soaking damage, particularly if there are banelings, ultralisks, or aberrations ahead.


Plot branch : Raynor's Raiders disable the zerg nydus network. (A canon)

In "Belly of the Beast", Jim Raynor decided to lead a small force under the surface of Char to plant seismic charges and kill nydus worms. Rory Swann brought Flaming Betties to help the group fend off waves of zerg.[1]

Plot branch ends here


FlamingBetty SC2 Icon1.jpg
Flaming Betty

Rory Swann can deploy a Flaming Betty.

Hotkey T
Duration 45 seconds
Cooldown 44 seconds


  • Although Flaming Betty is a Perdition turret, its appearance resembles an auto-turret.
  • Unlike most buildings, Flaming Betty has a "rank" like units. Its rank is "Swann's BFF" (Rory Swann's Best Friend Forever).
  • In Co-op Missions, Swann's perdition turrets are renamed "Flaming Betty" upon Swann reaching Level 3, when all his automated turrets are permanently upgraded.



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