Doctor Flanx (first name unknown) was a Terran Confederacy scientist involved in a black project on Vyctor 5.


Flanx experimented with xenomorphs which the Confederacy had discovered, and at the Fujita Facility on Vyctor 5 he experimented with using telepaths to influence these xenomorphs, which showed a sensitivity to telepathy. One test subject, Sarah Kerrigan, provoked the strongest reactions in the creatures; the other test subjects were murdered by the marines which guarded the facility.

One experiment with Kerrigan was interrupted by an attack by the nascent Sons of Korhal movement. Flanx assured his assistant that they would be adequately defended by the marines, but this was a false assumption, given that Flanx was arrested by the attackers' leader, Lieutenant Pollock Rimes. The doctor surrendered and boarded the Sons of Korhal flagship, the Hyperion. He resolved to be subservient, confident that the Confederacy would crush the rebellion. When such a thing occurred, he'd cast himself in the best possible light, certain that he'd win fame and fortune in the aftermath for his efforts. As such, when interogated by the rebels' leader, Arcturus Mengsk, he willingly divulged the contents of his experiments. He was trusted enough to work alongside the Umojan scientist Professor Helek Branamoor with the xenomorph specimens.

Blaze of GloryEdit

The Hyperion was stopped by the Confederate battlecruiser Norad II, commanded by Edmund Duke. He sent a boarding party onto the Hyperion, which was met by Lt. Rimes. The men shortly ran into Flanx who, seeing the potential to escape, quickly informed them that Rimes was a rebel and should not be trusted.

Flanx led the group towards the bridge, but they were ambushed by Somo Hung and several other Sons of Korhal troops. Flanx snapped, grabbing a rifle from one of the Confederate soldiers and attacked the rebels. He killed at least one rebel before Somo Hung killed him with a burst of gunfire.[1]


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