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"These fancy stun grenades come in handy, don't they?"
"Keep quiet, or we'll need a lot of more of them."

- Contreras and Yong(src)

A flash grenade

The flash grenade, otherwise known as a flashbang grenade or stun grenade,[1] is a type of terran ordnance designed to damage the retinas and/or photo-optic receptors of a target. This is achieved by emitting a burst of light in the visible and ultraviolet parts of the spectrum.[2] Not even polarized visors of CMC armor can protect a terran from its effects.[3] The technology behind flash grenades is far older than that Terran Confederacy.[4]

The A-13 grenade launcher can fire flash grenades to both blind targets and to provide battlefield illumination.[2] Alternatively, they may be thrown by hand.[3]

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Flash grenades can be fired by the C-20A rifle.[5]

Game Effect[]

Flashbang grenades can be chosen in the "gadget" category for Nova's loadout in Nova Covert Ops after completing "The Escape."[4]

FlashbangGrenade SC2-NCO Icon1.jpg
Flashbang Grenade

Stuns and disables the Detection of enemy ground unit and air units in area of effect for 5 seconds.

Massive units and friendly units are immune.

Hotkey W
Cost 25 Energy
Range 7
Duration 5 seconds
Cooldown 5 seconds


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