The fog of war refers to the lack of vision and information on areas of the map that do not have a friendly unit in it, including areas that were explored and but have since been abandoned. Only the terrain and buildings in their last known state (e.g. being built, burning/bleeding) are shown, covered by a gray 'fog'. Updated information on such areas can be gathered by sending a unit (such as an observer) into it, or conducting a scanner sweep.


In StarCraft, the fog of war also exists where a unit has yet to explore. In this case, the area is shown as being totally black and no terrain details are available.

StarCraft IIEdit

In StarCraft II, the terrain of the entire map is shown, although grayed out, at the start of a multiplayer game.

Sensor towers detect enemy units within the fog without removing the fog; enemy units are marked as red exclamation marks without being identified. Cloaked and burrowed units are not revealed.

Radar SC2 Icon1

Able to expose enemy movements within its radar capability. Does not reveal the area.


The orbital command has the ability to temporarily clear the fog of war and detect all cloaked or burrowed units within the target area.

This can be executed anywhere on the map at any time. The circular view shown lasts for about 10 seconds before changing to the fog of war static view.

Analogous to the ComSat station in StarCraft.

Hotkey C
Cost 50 Energy Terran SC1
Duration 12Time SC2 Game1

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