A fone is a handheld communications device utilized by terrans. Available as early as 2478,[1] fones have the ability to store other fone numbers in its memory, keep track of calls made[2] have a vibration function, can download ringtones,[3] display maps[4] and receive text messages and electronic files, displayed on their screen[1] such as news reports.[5] Images can also be "chopped" and "mixed."[4] At least some regulations are applied to fones.[6]

Either directly or indirectly, standard fones are capable of receiving messages between different star systems.[1] Interplanetary fone technology was available to Confederate marines during the Guild Wars, but was very expensive to use, though only half as much as a vidsys. The technology required an intricate series of signal boosters and relays to operate.[4] Ringtones, such as Guild Tones, were massively popular crazes among the terrans of the sector.[7]


"Fone" is an abbreviation for "phone" used in text messaging.


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