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Jim Raynor pressing against a force field

Force fields (a.k.a. "energy shields") are terran-designed energy-based shields, contrasted with protoss shields which are partially psionically powered.[1]

Force fields provide protection from projectiles, energy-based weapons and electronic surveillance.[2] Upon impact of external objects, the effect varies. Against personal force fields, bullets simply bounce off and fall.[3] Explosive weaponry such as missiles against ships is more spectacular however, the absorbed energy creating a corona effect.[4] The only sign of a force field deactivating is a slight ripple through the air around it.[2]

They are useless against cloaked opponents, since they only react to things they detect.[3]

Personal Force FieldsEdit

MalcolmKelerchian SC-GA1 Comic2

Malcolm Kelerchian, protected by a personal force field

By 2478 the Terran Confederacy had developed personal force fields, which only lasted a few minutes and were prohibitively expensive, even for members of the Old Families such as Angus Mengsk.[2]

By 2499 longer-lasting portable devices had been developed for personnel,[3] such as containment fields for firebats.[5] These were virtually immune to small arms fire and, at full power, provided some protection from debris.[3]

Former Terran Dominion scientist Egon Stetmann devised a force field made from ionized gas. When he discovered it would be used as part of the arsenal of cybernetic slave warriors, he tried to steal the prototype. He was forced to destroy it to make his escape.[6] During the Defenders of Man Insurgency, the design was replicated for more humane use by scientists on the planet of Vardona, discarding the need for a cybernetic body.[7]

During the reign of Valerian Mengsk, some Terran Dominion ghosts were outfitted with personal force fields, when missions required them.[8]

Larger Force FieldsEdit

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Battlecruiser shields flaring up as a result of impact

Force fields can protect parts of buildings. This version of the force field also existed as of 2478.[2]

By 2491 force fields could also be mounted on battlecruisers and Wraiths.[4] Battlecruiser shields hog energy and are only used when a battlecruiser is vulnerable, such as when coming out of warp space, entering a planetary atmosphere[9] or in combat situations.[10] With enough power, a battlecruiser's shields can expand beyond the ship itself, generating a halo effect that will protect ships that fall within it. However, the larger the area a shield covers, the less effective it is.[10] Force fields can also be used to shelter docking bays from the vacuum of space.[11]

By 2499 the terrans were developing movable force fields, such as the defensive matrix created by science vessels[12] and strengthened doors (available to crime lord Fagin).[3]

ForceField SC2-LotV Story1

A force field protecting a docking bay from the vacuum of space

Following the Brood War remnants of the Confederacy undertook some work into "polarity shifting energy shields using battlecruiser technology."[13] In addition, force fields were able to be applied to small scale objects such as cabinets, acting as a means of security.[2]

The Terran Dominion used force fields to protect an advanced munitions factory on New Sydney. It was occupied by a Koprulu Liberation Front cell, which used the force fields to protect themselves. However, the force fields only protected against opponents it could detect; it wasn't able to detect ghost agent Nova.[3]

By the Second Great War, LarsCorp Technologies had developed a defensive matrix system for Minotaur-class battlecruisers.[14]


Reference is made to "resonant kinetic fields" in cut lines in Wings of Liberty, said fields being used to reinforce vehicles' armor.[15]


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